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Monday, November 12, 2007


I was just reading an article on misdiagnosis by doctors on women which suddenly reminded me of my experience last week when i went for my pre-employment medical check-up at Raffles Medical Group. I was there at 4pm and did some routine tests like x-ray, eye sight etc. before i was finally ushered to the consultation room lobby with the rest of the patients. i think that time about 4 plus already and i started to wait... and wait... and wait... about half an hour went by and only about 2 patients were seen by about the 4 doctors who were in... by the time it hit 5.30pm sharp, i saw that the clinic was closing and they started to switch off the lights at certain parts that were not in use... and suddenly.. wow.. a big frenzy.. a doctor could see about 2 patients in 1min... i'm serious.. there were like 15+ patients waiting there... and they suddenly just keep going in and out in less than a minute.. i was timing lol...

suddenly it made me wonder the quality of patient care that we have... were those doctors trying to wait for the other doctors to see the patients? like, they don't get higher pay if they see more patients right?? so if it doesn't benefit them then they can just do it as slow as possible... until when they have to see all the patients before they can go home do they really try to clear the crowd.. at the expense of?? patients! all that the doctors want is to go home, would they be really serious about treating the patient properly??

my own examination took less than a min too >.< i felt lucky that mine was just a check-up.. i wouldn't want to visit that clinic if i were sick =X


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