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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gals night out!!

Met up with my gal pals Geraldine and Michelle yesterday! Haven't seen them for so long, good to keep in touch! ^_^ We met up for dinner yesterday but becos it was a friday evening, everywhere was so crowded!! we went to so many places but all had super long queues lah!! In the end, we went to Isetan Scotts and saw that TCC that was almost hidden at the 2nd level had no queue at all! lucky us =p The food was really good.. i ordered an EXTRA SPICY seafood Aglio Olio and a Matcha milkshake! super yummy ^_^ Geri had only like a salad cos she was going clubbing later that evening and didn't want to eat too much.. Mich.... she super sweet tooth la.. all meals r desserts for her haha.. the last time i met her at cafe cartel she had waffle ice cream for lunch while i had like a huge steak rofl.. this time she had only a tiny choc cake for dinner!! lol.. guess as usual i'm the biggest eater haha..

So amazing.. they have already been in the workforce for 1.5 years yet i'm still a student! haha.. oh well, just 1 more week and I'm no longer a student muahahaha... Only 2 exam papers for this sem so quite relaxed now ahaha..

YAY!! Finally... managed to get my grad trip approved!! muahaha... lucky got shamir and gf =p now 4 of us gonna plan for a Phuket trip! yayayayayay~! =D didnt sleep much last night planning our trip with sham.. we damn pro road trip in the states liao, got everything pretty much settled in a few hours haha.. XD but just the raw details la.. still need more research.. mebbe when i'm done studying later hehe..

So excited~


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