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Sunday, December 16, 2007

New life! good and bad~

I feel so blessed to be where I am right now!! My colleagues are real nice, my job scope is fantastic, my job location is.. erm.. sinful! lol.. think i'll end up shopping everyday once i settle down and have more time haha.. Really love my job~~ Lots of things to learn now, but happy to learn =p yesterday was real hectic, rushing everywhere to meet clients, but it was good exposure for me. and i'm real glad that my expertise in BMS can be put in use even though i'm in the food sector, thanks to the blur and convergence of these 2 industries in recent times ^_^ life is so exciting for me right now, i'm glad i started early so that I have more time to settle in.

called the police like 4 times yesterday.. 2-3 times a few days b4.. my neighbour downstairs has been a real nuisance.. for the past 2 months, they have been playing mahjong almost everyday 24hrs a day.. i may be speculating, but i'm pretty sure they opened an illegal gambling den.. who in the world can play mahjong everyday and don't sleep for leisure?? i think i'm very sway, cos it just so happens that I am the most affected. they stay on the 2nd floor while i stay on the third, they play in the middle room directly below mine such that the noise and smoke will only reach me but not their neighbours on both sides.. i'm still quite ok with the mahjong noise, but the smoke that they create is crazy! the PSI in my room can be about 500 i think.. danger zone with fog so high i can't see my table =X k la, exaggerating lol.. but i really can't take it!! force me to sleep in aircon every night T_T

after calling the police last night, they came down to talk to them.. on the surface, they said ok, they will stop, but they didn't.. in fact, they kinda tried to get back at me by playing even louder and smoke even more! so much more that my mum outside could smell it!! i tried calling the police again lar, but dunno whether they came down again to talk to them.. anyway, it didn't work.. up till now they r still playing.. 24hrs already =X now they play mahjong, smoke like mad, and now that it's in the day, they even play loud karaoke too... what nice neighbours..... bleh!!

their house is actually quite eerie too.. they are the only house that has all kinds of weird deco.. the front door hangs 2 big red lanterns and big red cloths.. like some kind of chinese cult.. my mum say she often see weird packages outside their door and suspects that they deal in voodoo... ewwwww.... i better be careful! >.<


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