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Friday, November 30, 2007

Student NO MORE~

From today onwards, I am officially not a student anymore! Finally, after 23 years of my life, my occupation is not a student! haha.. While most people think that studying is the best job that one can have, right now for me it's really a time for me to take a break from that. yesterday right after my last paper, i went down to CitiSpa to get myself a destress treatment~ Got myself a free coupon while i was shopping at Suntec City last month hehe.. My first SPA experience!!! so exciting haha.. Got myself a relaxing backscrub massage and a hydromassage steam bath. Was a little shy doing spa haha, but there's always a first time for everything! =p

I'm really excited to start work, especially when it's something i'm really interested and passionate about! FOOD! hahahahaa.. PLUSS... it's such an elite job muahahaha.. 3 rounds interview + on the spot essay test + presentation to top management + personality test + competition with a flood of other 1st class honours top students k!! haha.. And although i have not met my colleagues, I have a feeling I'm gonna be really happy with them. ALL GIRLS team hehe.. loads of things to do together =p btw, I'll be working at raffles city. anyone around town can always call me out for lunch ya? donuts from donut factory anyone? ^_^

But for now, it's time to do some charity!! Anyone wants my notes/texts?? Just email/sms/msn me! Oh, my new colleague is looking for a tuition teacher to teach Sec 3 A.Math. Anyone keen to take up the job and earn some cash? ^_^ She stays in the East, Old Airport road, so either you don't mind traveling or stay in the east then take up the job la. Start in March 2008.

Ok, now I need to start packing up for my graduation trip to Phuket next week!! More spas!! Hehe, time to chill~


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