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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy 3 year anniversary ^_^

It was all planned!! all planned~~~! yet i still got surprised =X 22nd Dec was my 3rd anniversary with my dear.. we got the stone, we knew it was coming.. yet i actually didn't see it coming....

we met up for lunch at a mysterious place.. asked him to plan that =p he had to force me to get out of the house and stand by the roadside b4 he would tell me where i should tell the cab to bring me lol.. it was a nice place.. sitting in a glass restaurant looking out to nature with beautiful orchids and other flowers, and with a beautiful magenta rose in my hand ^_^ YES! MY FIRST ROSE IN MY LIFE!! haha.. always didn't want flowers cos i think it's a waste of $$, he didn't need to give me flowers to make me love him.. but.. i'm still a girl la, receiving flowers on such an occasion, i guess was real romantic =)

my 1st rose~ this was taken on 23rd, so the petals already started to blossom hehe~

the food was really good~ all my fav! hehe.. starter was crab meat with salmon sashimi~ soup was wild mushroom~ main course was... LOBSTER!! =P and dessert was mango pudding with a blueberry, strawberry and an orchid petal haha.. the flower tastes really good!! seriously "hua chi~" hahaha..

my crabby starter~ XD

Our lobster~ yum!

we didn't take the pics of the rest of the dishes cos we kinda gobbled them down b4 realizing what we'd done =X hahaha... anw.. i kinda knew that i had a present coming.. searched high n low for it and found it hidden below the table hahaha.. sorry dear T_T exposed u!! XD i was so excited.. i wanted to open the present first b4 going down to the shop to collect the "stone".. it was a huge sliver box.. he wanted to take out the present for me but i said i wanted to open it myself.. so he plompped the box onto the table.. my guess was that it was a big fluffy soft toy haha.. i just opened it ever so slightly to peek into it at the top, half-expecting to see something furry.. i frowned at seeing an empty top and just took off the lid wholesale to look inside.. that was when i didn't know what overcame me and tears started welling up my eyes... i mean... it was just A PIECE OF PAPER!! but it meant so much to me.. and everything else together with it in that box just made it all so special..

my gift~

sorry.. i just took this pic a min ago.. so the flowers have already started to dry.. the figurine was just soooooooo sweet! the pink rose petals melts my heart.. and the scent he added in the box was simply irresistible~ (his perfume XD) the jewelery box was extremely pretty too~ ^_^ but i just loved that piece of paper =p

i was so blur.. and my eyes so wet that i didn't even know (or see) what that small black box was.. rofl... i thought we were supposed to go collect the stone together after lunch! >.< and he proposed.. darn!! all the tricks i had planned up my sleeve were washed away with the tears and i just gave him my hand =X so much for planning haha.. =p i was tearing so bad i wasn't even sure if anyone was looking =X

the rest of my day was.. .:~HEAVEN~:.


  • At 4:38 PM, Blogger Wenn said…

    romantic!!!!!!!!!so romantic~~~~
    you so lucky !!he so romantic!!

    so envy !!!

    how i wish i have it!

    wish you both forever love!!!

  • At 12:18 AM, Blogger Pinkie said…

    hehe.. thanks! ^_^

    u ask ur hubby propose to u again lor =p get married again! =D i've heard of ppl getting married again when they're still married hehe..

  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Wenn said…

    i got hint him million times..

    if he got do a good propose.then i will hold the wedding dinner and take wedding photos.....

    too bad....he never did it!!

    never mind ah...maybe marry too long ah...
    life is getting ...slow..and low..


  • At 12:14 AM, Blogger Pinkie said…

    go spice things up!! buy some stuff from victoria secrets la =p

  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger Wenn said… still young ah!!
    me old aunty,still wear those!haha..
    funny aunty!!!...

    my tat bored dear is very down to earth guy......he have no ideal how and what is surprise ..

    have to tell him then he do it..


  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger PalliativeDrug said…

    To PINKIE:

    oh my god... i didn't know that my brother can be so.... ROU MA!!!! first time he perform such a casanova trick!!! hahahahah...

    To WENN:

    Dun sad. John got other ways of showing that he love you. For eg, HE BOUGHT SO MANY EXPENSIVE BRANDED THINGS FOR YOU!!!! Plus HE ALWAYS BRING YOU FOR HOLIDAY!!!! My bf also never buy so expensive things for me ah. He told me that buy so branded is a waste of money and not worth it, becuz can use the money to do something more impt. But I think is becuz he stingy... hahaha...

  • At 6:26 PM, Blogger Wenn said…

    to jeanie..
    haha...those some branded bags is which i buy for myself ah..cos i won some 4d far.he only boug 3..the rest is all my own winning money from the 4d!!!this year have been keep won some 4d!!keke....

    john also dislike me buying bags..
    think all guys dislike bah..esp want them to pay for it!! are working .u got own money.u can spend your own like ah...

    holiday ah..
    ur boy also soon going to take u mah!!!
    keke...very soon will be alot holiday ah.....

    yeah..your brother so romantic!!!

    hope to see your wedding card soon ah!!!

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger Pinkie said…

    haha u all dun envious la..

    wenn: u're already married!! haha congrats to u la.. i'm still waiting lol.. *hint hint to dear* haha..

    to g'ni: u've got ur bf.. and ME! hehe =p

  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger PalliativeDrug said…

    To WENN:

    Wahhhh... so heng heng ah you!!! Keep striking 4D????? good luck, sia.

    To CAT:

    shhhh... dun say out loud. later my bf see this... and... GO FOR ALVIN!!! hahahaha..


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