Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Friday, May 11, 2007

Life at home

life at home seems to be good.. i don't have to cook, do laundry etc etc.. and now i'm back to being addicted to online gaming again lol..sometimes i just wish playing games can be a job.. all the money i earn in game can be converted to real money! hahahaha.. ok, wishful thinking..

FYP lab work is really bad right now.. because i'm staying at home and that i need to change my cell culture media every 2 days, i need to travel to and fro sch for 3hrs just to do lab work for 20mins -.-""" ultimate sianzness... worst of all is that i cannot start working on my cell cultures till i've grown them for 14 days to differentiate!! that means lotsa time wasted =X think my cells are also a bit contaminated.. they don't seem to be growing well T_T i dowan to repeat experiments all the time!! my ELISA results are hedious... no IL-12 detected at all... no IL-8 too... wasted 2 whole days just to do that... =/

sometimes i really wonder why people like research... it's really so boring and unfulfilling!! i'm so glad i'm not interested in research and do not intend to become a researcher XD

got some notes from weijia the other day, 1 of them was french.. i wonder if i can make it.. just flipping through the book made my head swoon lol.. there's not a single translation!! just pure french.. how am i supposed to know what they mean if no english description is available? >.< unless i check every single word in the dictionary? hmm.. and i dunno how to pronounce the words also =X oh well.. we'll see how when term starts ^_^

i wonder when the timetable for next sem's mods will be out.. need to see what mods might clash >.< because my NOC credits were transferred late, my prof couldn't register the FYP for me this sem.. so next sem then can register.. and that means all my 16MC for FYP will go towards 1 sem!! zzz... liddat i no need take other mods le.. i'll be like completing 36 MCs in 1 semester if i take another 5 mods on top of FYP wahahahahaha...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mum's 60th Birthday =D

Yesterday was my mum's 60th birthday!! Bro brought us out to Mandarin hotel to enjoy a nice dinner.. Chicken rice at Chatterbox haha!! The chicken rice was very nice.. but it's still chicken rice haha.. but i love chicken rice! =p ok, i'm complicated lol...

Bought mum a present, a nice fossil watch ^_^ got my favourite diamond studded blink blinks around the watch haha..

Glad she likes it very much! =p

A family pic! ^_^
i must think of a way to use the net at home.. using pay-as-you-use broadband lol.. so hardly come online till i buy the cable haha.. just found out i got an urgent email.. which was sent like 3 days ago =X guess i shouldn't be so miser hor.. perhaps it's time i bought monthly unlimited plans =)

staying at home sux... i miss my bf~

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Exams over~!

Exams are finally over! Actually it was over like a couple of days ago haha... Been watching so many movies everyday my eyes poping out already haa.. 200 pounds beauty was one very good show.. (romantic comedy mah =p) but her singing is really very good!! especially Ave Maria and Beautiful Girl.. ^_^ Watched Spiderman 3 on tuesday too!! First day open watch already haha.. we had to buy the tickets like 2 days in advance and most of the seats were already gone! this episode was pretty complicated though.. so many villians haa.. shan't do spoilers here in case many of you haven't watched =X also watched Open Season and DeathNote 1 and 2 at my bf's house.. whee.. free shows! ^_^ watching so many movies in the cinema is taking a toll on our pockets =X

Mum's birthday is coming.. Dunno what to buy her.. she wants a watch.. mebbe i'll go look around see if there's anything nice :) Double with a nice treat to dinner for mother's day? =p

Moving outta PGP today.. think I really gonna miss the life here... no more hall life next sem T_T will be staying at home.. mum's been grumbling that she hardly sees me =/ so travel 3hrs to and from sch everyday from tmr onwards =0

next sem's gonna be so weird.. other than my NOC pals, everyone else from my batch will be gone... all grad liao *sniff~ at least still got my sec sch guy friends who are still stuck in year 2 right now hehe..