Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Beginning of last week, when I tried to access the lab as usual, i found out that i couldn't get in! The access zone flashed "Access Denied, Card Expired" -.-" *sweat* OK... So I assume that everyone else from NOC would experience this too? How come there was no official notice to remind people who extend to get their matric cards fixed? And more importantly, why didn't I think that the school wouldn't be smart enough to come up with a system where the card would not expire so long as the student has not filed for graduation and is still studying? Damn.. I thought of them too highly lol.. I had to comb through the nus website only to find that I needed to get my card "repersonalized". The instructions given was highly confusing, but I figured that I should drop by at the registrar's office.. When I went there, the receptionist helped to forward a call to the person in charge where i told him about my situation. He took my matric card no. and asked me to wait for his email containing the access code which I would need when I go down to the smart card center to get my card fixed. Sounds great! I thanked him and left.. Then it was a week with no reply...

This whole week have been torturous for me.. Everytime need to bug my junior and ask him when he will be coming to lab.. But the thing was.. he was really hard to contact.. I almost freaked out a couple of times thinking I gonna screw my months of hard work cos i couldn't get back in time to my precious cells.. Then there's the pestering of everyone in lab to open the doors for me everytime and the fact that I can't leave the lab if i want to go to the loo.. what to do? control lor.. dun drink water lor.. poor me right? =X

Got so pissed, emailed him again and waited for his reply.. waited some time no reply? called up YIH student service center for help.. Told them what happened and they said they will call him and then call me back again.. Wow, 10 mins later i got my code... So it would have only taken 10mins to process the stupid thing... and their incompetency caused me a week of misery... T_T


What a small world.. I read the Sunday Life a couple of days ago and saw this article on the young entrepreneurs.. and one of them was a boss of Timbre, where I just went with weijia and adrian the other day.. GUESS what? That guy was none other than EDWARD CHIA, a classmate of mine from NJ rofl.. so shocked!! ok.. mebbe this gives me more reason to pop by at Timbre next time.. but must bug Edward to give me discount muahahaha..

First class on the first day of school was a demoralization for the rest of the semester.. The lecturer turned up seemingly unprepared, reading everything from the slides.. and the most interesting thing was that I couldn't understand a word he says!! Partly his extremely strong accent, and partly because he was unprepared, always fumbling at many words that he couldn't pronounce =X cross my fingers and hope that he would come prepared for class next time and that I'll get used to his accent! haha.. anyway, both my classes were only 20mins.. lol..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Shoes, Tailor and Donuts!!

i recently just started shopping for a nice pair of court shoes and work wear just in case an interview props up.. the other day when i went to raffles city to meet weijia and adrian for timbre, me and weijia shopped a little b4 dinner.. we went into nine west and saw this pair of shoes which was pretty nice.. $119 after 30% discount! but I wanted to look around at other shoes first so i just KIVed that pair..

then last week, i went shopping with my dear at orchard.. went to all the shoe departments in taka but the shoes weren't up to my standard haha.. then we went to nine west in wisma and i saw that pair I wanted.. it was $86.. 50% discount!!!! -.-"" how inconsistent can such a reputable brand get?? but since that branch was selling so cheap, i was pretty ready to buy that pair already.. but unfortunately they only had the display set left, and it wasn't my size.. i asked them to check if other branches may have my size only to find out that raffles place is the 1 that had it.. and it was also the last pair.. AND a display set... T_T wanted to ask them about the price discrepancy at the other outlet but decided that i didnt really want a display item so i left..

just on thursday a few days ago, there was a NOC bootcamp appreciation dinner at Geek terminal, so i would have to drop by at raffles place.. decided that since i was in town, i should just make a trip to raffles city to see if that pair of shoes was still available.. sadly, that pair was gone.. my guess is they most prob removed it cos there were many new collections that arrived. guess i'm fated not to get that pair haha.. i shopped a little more there and i found this donut store at the basement called Donut Factory.. the queue was horrendous.. they only had a short queue in front of the shop, but that was because the queue was broken up into different sections all around in the basement so as not to obstruct traffic! =X but the sight of that store reminded me of krispy kreme in the states haha.. nostalgia~ unfortunately i was already going for dinner and i would be late if i queued for the donuts so i left for raffles place..

i talked to Charmaine, my ex-roomie in Philly before and she told me that she gets her pants tailored at raffles place, but she didnt tell me the exact location of the tailor, only the name of the shop.. I decided that since there are a couple of tailors around the area, so even if I can't find the 1 she mentioned, i could just approach another shop available.. when i reached raffles place mrt, i realized that there are many shops around inside the mrt!! haha.. raffles Xchange i think.. this shows how long i haven't been there =X i still had a little time since i was planning to look for the tailor, but shopping got to me and i decided to take a look around first hahahahaha.. a real blessing in disguise! i found the tailor that Charmaine recommended me lol.. it was a tiny store opposite the DBS atm machine.. i usually wouldn't take note of it but it just happened that i looked up (which is 0.001% of the time) and saw the sign board that says tailoring services haha.. i didnt realize that it was the same store that charmaine introduced until i saw the store logo in the fitting room.. i was so happy =p

anyway, i arrived at geek terminal 5minutes late.. and on purpose at 6.35pm.. but i was so wrong.. there was not a single soul there yet!! tsk tsk.. so i went shopping again at the golden shoe shopping complex opposite till 7pm before returning haha.. by that time, some people had finally arrived.. lol.. terrible singapore culture =X


my dear is gonna start work on Monday tmr! yay~~ and i also told him about the donut factory haha.. initially i was intending to buy the donuts tmr and let him try after work, but my dear wanted to spend his last holidays with me so we went down to raffles city on fri instead; to get some donuts for brunch haha.. we went in the morning hoping to skip the lunch hour queue but we were shocked to see the long queue.. got many aunties and students queuing already =X the donut shop wasn't even open yet!! i went over to ask 1 of the employees what time they opened and they told me that they gonna open at 12.30!! it was 11am at that time so we decided to forget it and went to grab lunch at MOS burger instead. when we were done with our meal, we realized that the donut shop was open!!! 11.40am!! grrr.. blur employee!!! she bluffed me!!! i think they open at 11.30am lar.. sian.. the queue got even longer >.< but we still queued for it lar.. queued for 1.5hrs before we managed to grab our donuts..

Donut Factory box

each customer was only allowed to buy 2 dozens.. but i only bought 6 cos i scared cannot finish so many haha.. my dear bought a dozen for his family.. but seriously, because of the crazy demand, we could only buy what was out of the oven at that time.. if not we'd had to wait even longer for other flavors to be finished baking.. lucky for us, most of the flavors we wanted were there =p

my donuts! ^_^

the top 2 on the left are dark chocolate donuts!! it's the best selling there and gosh, they are so delicious!!! i ate both, leaving none for my family =X *guilty! T_T the flavors in clockwise direction after the dark choc donuts are: mocha, apple cinnamon, almond truffle, peanut butter flavors =D it's really good especially when it's fresh out of the oven~ =p all my nostalgia of Dunkin donuts and krispy kreme.. but i think donut factory is better and my is officially my new found favourite~ ^_^


Went to timbre with Weijia and Adrian a couple of weeks ago but didnt blog about it cos Adrian said he was gonna edit the videos for me T_T spent loads of time uploading for him then he remembered that megafire doesnt allow singapore to download... -.-" bought internet just to upload for him lor *sniff~ now too lazy to upload liao haha..

I was totally clueless when weijia msned me and told me that she's meeting adrian for dinner and timbre.. at first i thought she meant that she's meeting adrian and timothy haha.. I mean, what is TIMBRE?? well, timbre is a restaurant bar la, but all she told me was that timbre was the place we were going and there were nice bands there haha.. so i went there pretty clueless as to what that place was. i'm not the club/bar kind cos i'm allergic to cigarette smoke and expensive but normal tasting food/drinks haha..

anyway, we went for dinner at Raffles City first. Went into this restaurant at B1, think it was called OutPan.. After sifting through the menu, I decided that the food was too expensive and I was too broke to buy my dinner there.. N our dear weijia actually had dinner b4 meeting us tsk tsk.. so ended up only adrian ordered something to eat.

see.. pay $25 for a small piece of meat =p (but it smelled delicious though haha)

a pic taken by Adrian.. blur! >.<

stole some of Adrian's dessert XD

After Adrian finished his dinner while we 2 girls stared at him eating, it was my turn to eat! Went to buy a HUGE tuna sandwich with amazingly delicious bread at a deli.. Foccacia bread I think.. Thanks for the recommendation Weijia! ^_^ Value for $$ muahahaha..

And then we went for Timbre which is located at the old national library site.


we tried to reach there before 9pm so that we could still make our orders during the happy hour. Adrian bought beer - 1 for 1, so 2 cups of beer for himself haha.. weijia bought ice lemon tea and i was cheapo so i just got ice water >.<

drowning my sorrows~

haha just kidding.. Adrian finished the beer and i took the empty glass to take a pic XD but u have to admit, i do look like i was the 1 drinking the beer right? =p

EIC, the band at Timbre on Weds

The band that was performing the night we were there was EIC. They were not bad.. They only came on stage like 9.30pm, an hour after we arrived (8.30pm), so i was pretty relieved when they finally did.. However, they only sang a few songs and disappeared again -.-" then it was another hour's wait.. but we wrote a silly dedication.. with songs that most prob EIC wouldn't know how to sing lol.. but it was a dedication for our beloved Chestnutties nonetheless ^_^

our silly dedication haha..

When EIC proved not to want to sing our song, we left haha.. had to catch the train! XD