Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Friday, November 30, 2007

Student NO MORE~

From today onwards, I am officially not a student anymore! Finally, after 23 years of my life, my occupation is not a student! haha.. While most people think that studying is the best job that one can have, right now for me it's really a time for me to take a break from that. yesterday right after my last paper, i went down to CitiSpa to get myself a destress treatment~ Got myself a free coupon while i was shopping at Suntec City last month hehe.. My first SPA experience!!! so exciting haha.. Got myself a relaxing backscrub massage and a hydromassage steam bath. Was a little shy doing spa haha, but there's always a first time for everything! =p

I'm really excited to start work, especially when it's something i'm really interested and passionate about! FOOD! hahahahaa.. PLUSS... it's such an elite job muahahaha.. 3 rounds interview + on the spot essay test + presentation to top management + personality test + competition with a flood of other 1st class honours top students k!! haha.. And although i have not met my colleagues, I have a feeling I'm gonna be really happy with them. ALL GIRLS team hehe.. loads of things to do together =p btw, I'll be working at raffles city. anyone around town can always call me out for lunch ya? donuts from donut factory anyone? ^_^

But for now, it's time to do some charity!! Anyone wants my notes/texts?? Just email/sms/msn me! Oh, my new colleague is looking for a tuition teacher to teach Sec 3 A.Math. Anyone keen to take up the job and earn some cash? ^_^ She stays in the East, Old Airport road, so either you don't mind traveling or stay in the east then take up the job la. Start in March 2008.

Ok, now I need to start packing up for my graduation trip to Phuket next week!! More spas!! Hehe, time to chill~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gals night out!!

Met up with my gal pals Geraldine and Michelle yesterday! Haven't seen them for so long, good to keep in touch! ^_^ We met up for dinner yesterday but becos it was a friday evening, everywhere was so crowded!! we went to so many places but all had super long queues lah!! In the end, we went to Isetan Scotts and saw that TCC that was almost hidden at the 2nd level had no queue at all! lucky us =p The food was really good.. i ordered an EXTRA SPICY seafood Aglio Olio and a Matcha milkshake! super yummy ^_^ Geri had only like a salad cos she was going clubbing later that evening and didn't want to eat too much.. Mich.... she super sweet tooth la.. all meals r desserts for her haha.. the last time i met her at cafe cartel she had waffle ice cream for lunch while i had like a huge steak rofl.. this time she had only a tiny choc cake for dinner!! lol.. guess as usual i'm the biggest eater haha..

So amazing.. they have already been in the workforce for 1.5 years yet i'm still a student! haha.. oh well, just 1 more week and I'm no longer a student muahahaha... Only 2 exam papers for this sem so quite relaxed now ahaha..

YAY!! Finally... managed to get my grad trip approved!! muahaha... lucky got shamir and gf =p now 4 of us gonna plan for a Phuket trip! yayayayayay~! =D didnt sleep much last night planning our trip with sham.. we damn pro road trip in the states liao, got everything pretty much settled in a few hours haha.. XD but just the raw details la.. still need more research.. mebbe when i'm done studying later hehe..

So excited~

Monday, November 12, 2007


I was just reading an article on misdiagnosis by doctors on women which suddenly reminded me of my experience last week when i went for my pre-employment medical check-up at Raffles Medical Group. I was there at 4pm and did some routine tests like x-ray, eye sight etc. before i was finally ushered to the consultation room lobby with the rest of the patients. i think that time about 4 plus already and i started to wait... and wait... and wait... about half an hour went by and only about 2 patients were seen by about the 4 doctors who were in... by the time it hit 5.30pm sharp, i saw that the clinic was closing and they started to switch off the lights at certain parts that were not in use... and suddenly.. wow.. a big frenzy.. a doctor could see about 2 patients in 1min... i'm serious.. there were like 15+ patients waiting there... and they suddenly just keep going in and out in less than a minute.. i was timing lol...

suddenly it made me wonder the quality of patient care that we have... were those doctors trying to wait for the other doctors to see the patients? like, they don't get higher pay if they see more patients right?? so if it doesn't benefit them then they can just do it as slow as possible... until when they have to see all the patients before they can go home do they really try to clear the crowd.. at the expense of?? patients! all that the doctors want is to go home, would they be really serious about treating the patient properly??

my own examination took less than a min too >.< i felt lucky that mine was just a check-up.. i wouldn't want to visit that clinic if i were sick =X

Monday breeze~

Finally submitted my thesis today! A big load off my chest already~ It feels like I'm already done with school although I still have like 1 more end term test and 2 exam papers lol... Actually I think I have been taking things real easy nowadays since i got my job haha.. Finished my thesis on fri then had been relaxing quite a bit this weekend.. went out the whole day with dear yesterday somemore haha..

Yesterday was kinda a real different day.. Feel like a whole new me altogether.. Peeling away from school, on my way to the working world, on my way to my own family.. Wait, don't get me wrong haha.. I'm not starting a family.. yet.. hahaha.. but soon =p still counting down ^_^

Decided to do something different yesterday, partly because of the advertising by CLEO to go Central(c) at Clark Quay to shop.. away from the usual orchard invasion =X Felt that we could go there n take a look and also can go pat tor along the river =p Being such a shopaholic that i am, i was usually the one leading the way in orchard's malls.. but this time since this was the first time that we both went to, we had an interesting exploration of the whole mall! had my dear leading me the way to prevent me from shouting "Help help! I'm lost!" hahaha..

anyway.. the shopping trip was one of the best ones i've had in my life.. it was just innocent shopping that we had in mind at first till my dear pulled me into that shop and bought me that stone =X ok, that was actually the first shop and it changed the whole outing haha.. it was the best we'd seen and at half the price! now we know not to buy from branded stores that make us pay for their advertising ahaha.. it's quality that counts, not amount of advertisements =p bought it a month early, but that's totally fine with me XD

then later on, it was my dear that caught sight of something he liked so much!! 3 years together, this is the first time i've seen him liking something so much (other than me of cos =X), so i bought him that pendant =D bought it a month early, but that's totally fine with me XD too =p by this time, both of us were already floating.. in lala land haha..

we decided to go hunt for some dinner and in already such a dreamy state, we still fortuitously landed ourselves in a famous bak kut teh stall.. song fa bak kut teh.. mmmmmm.. simply fantastic~ XD in sum, i guess this is one of my best days ever! ^_^

although my hopes for a graduation trip was burst, i was already prepared for it.. in fact i almost wanted to start work the day after my exams paper =X but whatever it is, i'm very positive of our future, and that's what matters most =)