Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Just talked to my bro on MSN. He's now working in Power 98FM!!! ^_^ so proud of him!! he's now a news broadcaster there.. At present it's still the DJs reporting the news lar, but he will report when he has time =p last time he was working at CNBC, where NBC is also part of, a branch of Universal Studios. Now he just tiao4 cao2 to Power 98 haha..

I am surrounded by so many impressive people!! ahhhhh.. cannot be so blur liao!! must be as smart as everyone!! hahaha.. all my batchmates are very impressive people lar.. all got great aspirations, and all of them have great potential!! :D

sometimes feel quite ignorant lar.. everyone knows everything haha.. i'm usually on the receiving side manz.. cannot!! must buck up on my general knowledge!! trying trying!! been trying to read the news everyday, although not in detail, but at least i'm more wary of my surroundings ^_^ my idol is... Alicia!! she damn smart lar.. tok to her feel so ignorant haha.. i shall become as smart as her! lol.. mebbe in 100 years rofl..

Friday, July 21, 2006

My new spoon SUCKS!!

I've just bought a new spoon to eat cereal.. and it SUCKS!!

I used to have another plastic spoon which i use to eat my cereal with.. but dunno which blur king at home lost it lol.. i miss my spoon! brought it from home~ T.T but nvm.. now i got new edition for my cereal spoon liao haha..

today went to Cereality with my bf for lunch! while looking for what to eat, we saw the spoon haha.. i bought it cos it sucks rofl.. anyway, i had this cereal called: "Devil made me do it", which was loaded with chocolate puffs, chocolate fudge, marshmallow, etc etc.. very yummy!! ^_^ my bf had some healthy fruit cereal, oso quite nice =p (great recommendation weijia! =D)

okok, the reason why i bought the spoon when it sucks is because.. very cute mah!! ahahaha...

see~ got hole at the tip!

and got another hole at the top! ^_^

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the heat is ON!!

the temperature in philly is soaring.. it's so high that it's even higher than human body temperature!! 100 fareinheit!!! 38 degree celsius!! omg!! i'm melting~~~~ lucky my workplace got aircon, so still not too bad.. only when i go home.. then.. i burn~ haha.. i have been taking cold water showers everyday!! ice cold~~ it feels damn shiok, i can stay in shower for an hour if the guys wun mind hahaha..

yesterday after i had dinner, me and my bf seriously couldn't take the heat.. we went to fresh grocers to cool down haha.. cos it's open 24hrs, we just bought a drink and went up to the cafe to play cards! (typical singaporean style ahahaha..) we played black jack, dai di and poker! we had so much fun man hehe~ or rather i had too much fun!! i won so much lar!! now i regret not gambling when we went to Atlantic City haha.. i could have been a millionaire now!!! bwahahahaha... can quit work liao =p

but then sadly, we still had to come back home to sleep.. damn hot lah! could hardly sleep lor.. but i manage to sleep in the end lar.. nvm, extremes in temp helps one to slim down! hehehe~

but not just people in our house dun have aircon, even the animals on the streets oso cannot enjoy air con! haha.. the animals oso buay tahan the heat manz! me and my bf keep seeing animals trying to cool themselves by rolling and digging in the sand! so cute lar! we saw like squrrels and little cute birds burrowing into the sand and rubbing themselves on it haha.. there was a squrrel that was so hot that it was so lethargic! we were squatting beside it and it still refused to move out of the hole that it made in the sand! =p but the poor animals lar.. i think they suffering from the heat oso >.<

cross your heart and pray that the temperature will drop and never get back this high again!! hee~

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

josh blue

finally found the you tube clip on josh blue.. damn funny lar! but so sad he got the funny disease called cerebroplasty or something >.<

Atlantic City

Finally! my chance to go to atlantic city last weekend 2 days ago.. went to atlantic city on saturday and played ROSE online the whole of sunday haha.. my bf signed up for the free 7 days trial.. playing for the sake of nostalgia lol.. i had fun, and i didn't get lost!!! >.<

anyway atlantic city was pretty cool! me, my bf, alicia and kaian went there together via greyhound. all of us weren't really interested in the casino though.. (too broke to take risks playing in my case ahahahaha...) we just walked around the place (boardwalk) to sightsee. we were actually looking for a place to have lunch when we arrived, and we were trying to look for this supposed $8 all-you-can-eat buffet somewhere around the place. poh choo had told alicia about the place last time so we tried to find that place.. along the way, we saw people giving away free peanuts! it was actually Planter's 100 years annivasary haha.. they were giving away free peanuts that are nicely roasted (piping hot!! yummy~~ ^_^) and they were helping people to take pictures as well. me and my bf took a pic where we are standing behind a race car.. damn cool lar! the picture is now pasted nicely on the wall above my table :P (keypoint: free peanuts and picture taking rofl..)

free peanuts!

yum yum~

further along the boardwalk, we saw this pet shop selling lots of iguanas and hermit crabs! the hermit crabs very cute lar.. all hiding in shells that are colorfully painted =p

thought bubble: you sure the iguana's not going to bite through the wire mesh and bite my ear?

pretty hermit crab~ ^_^

then along the boardwalk there were also many funfare games.. kaian was pretty confident and wanted to try the basketball game..


then we also passed by many other places like the Trump Taj Mahal, Ripley's believe it or not etc... but we still haven't found the buffet lunch! ahaha.. lucky we had the free nuts, which allowed us to persevere!! we finally found the buffet lunch much farther down boardwalk.. we were almost giving up the search when we found it haha.. and it wasn't $8! it was $6.99!! hehe.. the food was not bad lar.. the chicken wings were quite good (but i think mine's still much better! right, housemates? :P) sadly, because we had too much free nuts, we couldn't eat as much as we wanted hahaha... but the nuts are really really yummy! i went to buy the same nuts at Walgreen when we came back from there haha..

finally after lunch.. it's... shopping time! hahahahahaha.. there was an outlet shopping district there and we shopped for a while before we went back..

my eternal love~

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sixflags trip

me and my bf were intending to go six flags this weekend.. actually we wanted to go a long time ago, but other people always couldn't make it so we kept delaying it.. but in the end, they still decided that they couldn't make it at all..

at first, i totally gave up and decided that me and my bf should just go alone.. but luckily, there was a shiny star! Adrian! haha.. i was extremely glad that there was someone who didn't feel uncomfortable to go with me n my bf.. (it really feels terrible if we go out in a group trip but others keep treating me and my bf like invisible people, leaving us to ourselves..) i'm so happy~ yay!! ^_^

now adrian even managed to get more people to join us! but they will only be available next week. i dun mind, so long as we can still get to go =p
hooray for adrian! hehe~

SIXFLAGS!! i can't wait to see you! haha..

Friday, July 14, 2006


haiz.. woke up on the wrong side of bed again today.. i went to the kitchen and opened the fridge door.. *poof!* empty... no milk.. no bread.. no nothing.. i forgot all about it!! yesterday i was just telling myself how lucky i was that there was still a bit of milk left (i'm the last to wake up so usually i dun get to have any milk towards the end of the week). i told myself that i should go buy milk yesterday.. but it slipped my mind.. i guess it was because i was distracted by my duty to cook dinner yesterday. most of my housemates had a meeting, so only left me, pacey and my bf who would be having dinner. haiz.. but i'm still upset that i forgot to buy milk.. i can't do without breakfast!!

in the end, me and my bf had to go frogo to buy 2 99cents meal. and of all days, the cashier charged us tax for both items.. usually we buy $100+ worth of groceries we would only be charged 7cents in total tax.. today for just 2 99 cents meal, we were charged 14 cents tax!! i'm so frustrated.. people here are so inconsistent.. now not just my wallet is empty, so is my bf's..

the 99 cents chicken was ok, but the vege was sour already.. my bad day is here..


I really really empatize with my housemate right now.. this is one of the instances where i feel "injustice" and my feelings will be provoked. not long ago, i heard about what happened to my housemate during his holiday trip. it got me worried that he could have died.. then came the story of who was responsible for it. for the past few days, my housemates and the rest who went were busy trying to settle the problem while the person who was responsible for it happily went back home.

when approached about how the problem should be solved, the person responsible happily pushed all the responsibility away and even called my housemate and a few others "slackers", and he insists that they should take the rap for him.

my housemate sent the rest of the house the email of the irresponsible person's email, replying how he intends to deal with the situation. he showed no guilt, no responsibility and totally no signs of remorse for what happened. he was still so arrogant, pushing the blame to others! I'm upset!

i can't believe that my housemates and the rest are still so polite and courteous to him lor.. if this kind of thing happened to me, i will surely flare up! i will definitely scold him like crazy and force him to pay for it man..

i seriously pity my batchmate who is currently taking the rap now, paying for everything. if the irresponsible guy refuse to pay, then the rest involved has to pay for his blunder!

i seriously feel blessed that my batchmates are responsible and kewl people... :D

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ROSE online

ROSE online is the first and best MMORPG that I've played in my life. ROSE stands for rush on seven episodes. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game for those who are not familiar with online gaming.

ROSE was simply the best! They had the best graphics. No other games could compete with it. The characters look cute, you can tell a pro from a noob easily, the clothes and items are awesome, you can always magnify the character up close to awe at them, the skills look fantastic, the cars are pretty and you can dance in the game too! Most importantly, the game brings back so many fond memories! I used to play the game all the time with my bf in hall, and we even had so many funny incidences because i'm always lost ahahahaha.. that was why my bf bought me the cute button that i put on my handbag. it says: "don't follow me! I'm lost too!"

we played the game for one year for free because the game was in beta stages. then our accounts were wiped out as the beta testings were completed. we were so so sad.. i was pretty attached to the game that time. we tried playing many other games, but none came close to ROSE. i disliked most of the other games mainly because of the graphics. the characters are always sooooo ugly! the items are not as nice as those of ROSE also, and it was very difficult to navigate. the only other game which came close to ROSE was maple story. it was a very cute game as well, but the only problem was that it was 2D!! but.. it's the best alternative after ROSE

yesterday my bf told me that he finally found a private server that we could play. I was extremely excited lah! we spent the whole night trying to download the game, but there was a problem with the patch.. we could load the game, but we were stuck at the log in menu.. we tried a few more times to log in but failed.. in the end we gave up and went to sleep.. today my bf told me that the game is gone.. the game maker had released the source code for the game.. he gave up.. there were simply too many bugs..

although very sad, I'll be patient and wait for some others to develop a new private server. ROSE, I love you!! haha..

this video shows how we really look like when we're playing the game.. cool huh? ^_^

this is a pic of my char when i was still pretty noob haha

a pic from maple story- i was wearing Angel costume! :P

actually i can play 7 days free trial for the original game.. should i? haha.. mebbe when i finish work lah.. or else i'll be addicted to the game for that whole entire week ;p

A busy day at work

Today is one of the busiest day i've had at work.. i woke up at 8am! ahahahaha.. oops =X and i reached work at 9am!! so early!!! oops again =X hee~

Today we had a major status meeting, and i was the secretary, taking down the minutes. I think blogging is good.. i learnt to type a LITTLE faster haha.. Don't ask me what I was typing though.. cos i was just writing what they were saying, not really registering what they were saying hahahaha.. The meeting was supposed to last 5 hours from 9am-2pm, but luckily we managed to finish it by 12.30 haha.. i didn't really participate in the discussion though, i was just busy typing away haha..

I think my company damn nice lar.. they keep giving me credit for things which i hardly helped out significantly.. like godfrey wanted the protocols of the lab equipments so all i did was just copy and pasted the science center protocol.. simple job.. but godfrey gave me credit for that.. and the most amazing thing of all was when my boss, Dave commented that my market report was "the most comprehensive report that I've seen!" my jaw almost dropped.. but.. i actually managed to thank him without adding that he must be seriously mistaken ahahahahaha.. my report was just rummaging through websites and then cut and paste.. well, it is a lot of cut and pasting, but, I don't really think it was really that good haha.. but he did tell me later on that i should organize it a bit, quite messy ahahahaha...

going home soon~

Damn, I'm the luckiest intern alive! :P

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Broke part II

yay! just found out that the cashier wasn't blur.. law is blur lol.. he only remembered that he bought a pack of cereal this morning haha.. kewl~ now no need to pay another $2.50 liao haha..

just now juniors went to open bank account, so i gave them my voucher.. earned $10!! haha.. but i spent it on my lunch just now at Kim's >.< damn.. rofl.. tmr.. must.. eat... budget!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am officially broke.. I only have $2 left in my bank ahahahaha.. but not too bad.. I've got $14 left in my wallet =X Hope i get my pay soon.. it's already mid month.. boss should have paid me 2 weeks ago T.T

so sad.. yesterday we all just found out that the fresh grocers people charged me extra for my cereals.. I bought 2 packs under housefund but they scanned 3 times (i dun buy odd numbers).. these people are so blur!! argh.. now i owe the house an additional $2.50.. Will pay back when i get my pay lar.. now too broke liao ahaha.. but.. $2.50.. a price to pay for the cashier's blunder! T.T US$2.50 i can go back SG eat a nice bak chor mee lor~ *sniff~ i miss the bak chor mee at causeway point there T.T

At least my breakfast is settled for the next 2 months ahahahahahaha.. i bought 6 packs of choc chip cereals (now left 5 packs, finished 1 pack liao), 4 packs of SMORZ, 2 packs of lucky charms and 1 pack of Reeses.. yummm..

pay come in quick~~ i wanna go sixflags and atlantic city this weekend! hee~

Monday, July 10, 2006

Breakfast Cereals!!

yum yum~~ i love the breakfast cereals here!! so many varieties!! can't get them in Singapore 1 lor! >.<

just look at a few of my favourite cereals~
yummy chocolate chip cookie cereal!! *slurp!

look! they are really mini choc chip cookies! =D

SMORES~ a true American snack! (aka somemore)

Reeses! not available in SG! peanut butter and chocolate ^_^

lucky charm! cereal loaded with marshmallow =p

i've been eating cereals for 6 full months! haha.. i eat cereals everyday for breakfast. the only exception is when there's no milk left then i'd eat bread (sometimes even bread oso dun have then i gotta skip breakfast! >.<). talking about milk, the 4 guys really drink ALOT of milk! wah~ *salute.. they drink milk like drink water liddat.. each week can drink 5 gallens of milk lor.. (i dun drink milk at all, i only add milk to my cereal.. my bf has lactose intolerance.. he doesn't even touch milk)

i drink orange juice though.. but we usually only buy orange juice when there's sale.. just now i wanted to buy a big bottle orange juice (2.89 litres for $5.30) which is slightly more ex than the usual carton of orange juice (1.5 litres for $2-$2.50 when on sale) i got some sarcasm from a housemate.. he hinted that i behaved like the house very rich.. i got quite upset, but i didn't say anything lar.. i feel that i paid for my share but i never got to use all my share.. (sorry, but i AM very calculative.. too broke lar.. haha..) i eat so little lor.. the housefund i pay is much more than i use every month.. plus i also paid for my bf's housefund leh (that's 2 person's share btw).. and both of us will be going for a week's holiday.. that is 2 weeks' worth of housefund that i pay but not used.. my bf only eat from the house during dinner.. breafast he eat my cereal only w/o milk.. lunch he eat with me.. only dinner he eat from home.. both of us wun use up all that we paid lor~ orange juice for my sake lah, i drink plain water everyday lor.. not like buy OJ only for myself.. usually buy liao i oso dun get to drink much b4 it's gone again.. plus, when i wanna drink plain water, either my bf or me will boil water while other people drink and we have to boil even more water b4 i get to drink.. poor me T.T (sorry.. bad mood haha)


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Disney MGM studios

i'll be going to florida again at the end of this month and i'll be visiting Disneyland for the third time! haha.. me and my bf decided that we should visit MGM studios.. hope it's good! =p

i was just slacking at job again surfing through you-tube when i saw this clip (it's friday!! >.<). it's the fireworks for the 4th of july celebration at the MGM studios. it's... the best i've seen in my entire life! even the philly fireworks at the art museum can't beat this! this clip is about 7 mins long full of fireworks.. the fireworks look like asteroids, giant stars, supernova, flowers, UFO, space rocket taking off, and all kinds of different shapes!! super fantastic!! the sky is literally glittering with stars for a full 7mins!!! =D

Florida here i come again~ =p

and 1 more thing.. i need to slim down!!

me no fat ok? T.T

Friday, July 07, 2006

Girl power!! =D

yesterday i was talking to my bf.. he told me i have changed quite a bit.. i'm soooo naggy! ahahaha.. and i agreed with him.. i see myself nagging at the guys all the time.. remember to double bag the trash bag, remember to throw the trash, dun cook food that dropped on the floor, please wash the vege before you cook them, dun pee on the toilet seat cover, house cleaning!! nag nag nag nag.. ahaha..

it was a very good talking session actually, cos i basically vented my frustrations on him.. oops! >.< it's like i feel myself often stuck in this situation: do all the chores myself or ask my housemates to contribute.. but i feel that i keep having to constantly remind them to do this and that.. for example, they usually don't bring down the trash to clear when they are going off for work.. or simply not clearing the trash at all whenever.. if i don't nag at them to clear, the trash can sit in the kitchen for a couple of days until the trash stinks like crazy.. my housemates are nice people, if i ask them they are usually more than happy to help.. but the prob is.. that's it! a one time event.. it's not really their fault actually, it's just that they dun register that "activity" as a routine duty.. so in order to have the trash thrown again, i'd need to ask them to help out again.. and... tah dah! NAGGING!! ROFL

at first i thought that it was because i was a girl, so i wan things to be neat. but then my bf asked me: "why need to make things so neat? and i'm giving you 5mins to convince me to be neat" i was a little stunned for a sec, and i didn't know how to convince him, but something just came out.. i said: "do you want to live in a home or do you want to stay in a dumpster?" frankly speaking, i didn't really register what i said until a while later.. and i thought to myself: "exactly!!"

in my opinion, the guys at home are great people.. the only thing is that they are GUYS.. men are naturally more tolerant of messiness.. or rather, guys are usually too lazy to keep things neat.. i do believe that guys do appreciate neatness, but it's just that given the option of spending time cleaning up (a chore) for the sake of neatness and doing other stuff of their own (eg. entertainment), they would trade off neatness to have more time for other stuffs.. cleaning up is never one of guy's priorities basically..

i asked my bf what would have happened in a house filled with just guys, his opinion was that in a guy house, it would most probably be minimalistic.. and i figured that in that kind of house, nothing will be done until things become unbearable ahaha.. dishes will not be washed until they need to use it, trash will not be thrown until the house start stinking with rotting food, floor will not be cleaned until everyone starts sneezing and getting allergies.. (disclaimer: i'm talking about most men, not all)

i feel that girls play an important role in making a house a home.. girls like to make simple little changes that just makes a place more.. nice to live in hehe~ (disclaimer: most, not all girls =p)

Module mapping

argh.. should i continue trying to get my discipline module mapped over at Penn? the lecturer back in NUS is giving me a lot of trouble! >.< he demands all sorts of things from me before he would allow me to map over but he approved it for shamir without asking anything at all!!! i feel like just telling him that he approved the same module for him but is extremely picky for my mapping.. then the science dean will find out how inconsistent and unreliable he is haha.. but of course i didn't mention la.. dun wan pull shamir down.. wait he oso cannot take the mod hahaha.. oh well.. will see how it goes.. if can map then good lor.. if not i go back NUS take other mod.. dun wan take his mod man hahahaha..

Thursday, July 06, 2006


time flies.. so fast i've been in America for 6 months already!! and i still feel that i haven't done much at work ahahaha... but very happy that i've had so many wonderful and memorable experiences with my NOC batch mates and especially my chesnutties housemates =D

i miss my roomie!! ahaha.. although she's back in sg, she's still a chestnuttie in our hearts! ^_^ now that she's not here, i really am the last standing female at home >.< not only that, i now not just have 4 guys, but 5 guys at home!! ahhhhhh.. save me~~ hahahaha.. with my roomie gone, there has been a lot of changes.. the males are dominating and taking over lol.. there has been 2 drinking sessions, both of which i skipped and hid in my room haha.. and... no more steam fish ler T.T n.. my room's in a terrible mess T.T i miss neatness and cleanliness haha..

just look at the drunk lobsters! hehe~

Some tees we bought during our shopping trip together~
"cranky but adorable, so i'm worth it" nice tee right? haha..

my bf in need of a head.. soon...

hey pacey housemate~ dun worry too much about what happened. it was just a bad day. everything will be better from now on, the worst has passed :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

kolen family visit 2!

just came back from the kolen family's house.. had a great time man! although i felt that the 1st visit was better cos it was just us only.. this time round he invited quite some of his friends as well, so we didn't really get to interact as much as last time.. especially the guys who came later.. cos by the time alicia they all came, there were quite some other people around already, so they didn't even get to talk much to the kolens or visit the vegetable gardens, take a ride on the Harley etc..

for me most of the time i was just playing with Arielle in the swimming pool. think she likes me a lot hehe~ she was so upset when i was leaving already la.. wanted me to stay overnight at her house..

Bill told the guys that he's actually a mercenary (aka personal bodyguard? o.O ) where he actually earns $18k per month just by protecting someone in Afganistan.. ooo.. damn rich sia~ no wonder he got so much money to splurge man haha..

tonight's fireworks was very pretty! Bill Kolen spent like $1k+ on them lor~ (my 1 mth's pay!! T.T) Adrian say that each firework like costs $15 man.. that's like.. my 3 weeks' lunch? >.<

talk about food.. this time round the food wasn't as sumptious though.. more like just BBQ stuffs only.. the other time got really great food la! got pork ribs, steak, chicken, prawns, fresh salad picked out from their garden, beans, jelly, potato salad (my personal favourite!) and fruit salad! yum~

BUT~ at least still got my go cart ride and nice fireworks! =p the fireworks lasted for damn long la.. got like 10 video clips lor haha.. but i just put a few here only la..

oooh.. and there were lightning flies!!! they are sooooooooo pretty!! they are like ying2 huo3 cong2, but the light at their butts flicker on and off, not on the whole while so the lights just go on off very very cute!! me 1st time see leh!! hehe~

playing in the pool

lightning flies~ very very pretty!


my bf piggy back me while i piggy back Arielle!! ^_^

rex, billy and adrian with pink float~

Saturday, July 01, 2006

fast and furious cars~

right now i'm just waiting to go for our trip to the Kolen's.. i booked the car, but i can't collect it cos i dun have a creditcard -.-" so need to get wayne to collect the other car.. but then.. eric suddenly pulled out cos he can't finish packing his stuff (he's flying back to singapore tmr morning), so now the trip only got 7 of us.. 2 cars will not be worth it cos the other car will only have 3 ppl.. wayne they all dowan the other car liao, so instead only 1 car will be collected then the rest will come in kaian's car when he finish watching soccer at 5 >.< but that's alright, at least the rest never pang seh me haha.. and now because kaian will be driving alicia and wayne there after the match, he will be joining us for dinner as well! ^_^ too bad deliang still dowan join us.. not that i need him to get car then i ask him 1 lor.. kinda hurt he thinks that way.. the car thing is settled liao.. jio him because he gonna be at home alone mah~ T.T

yesterday i watched 3 movies! =p
i watched pirates of the caribbean!! 1st time watch sia~ how come lat time i never go watch?? >.< now watch 1st part liao can go watch the second part when it comes out next week! =D
then after that i watched poseidon.. pacey said not nice so i must well just watch it with my bf la haha
then after that i wanted to watch click 1.. but law they all wanna watch fast and furious so we watch that lor.. the fast and furious- tokyo drift~ the show's just about racing cars and babes.. no plot 1.. but deliang sure loved them hehe~
will watch click with the rest another day ba ^_^

note: this clip is for those who have a strong stomach~

(compliments from my dear, who got it from his sis)