Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My PacLoot!

yay!! at last the stuffs i bought online are here!!!

my steals from Pacific Sunwear aka PacSun ^_^

believe it or not, i got all these for a mere $50!!! PacSun stuffs are not cheap, but i had my ways of getting my deal! Shan't disclose how i got it, dun want incriminating evidences to be shown in public wahahaha... but i told estee how i got it and she was sooooo jealous!! she went to PacSun's website to see, but she couldn't get the deal i got haha.. guess i was just lucky~ :p

I'm soooo happy right now, the jeans and bikinis fit!! and the bikinis are so pretty!! can't wait to wear them out! :D

now.. all i need is a pair of new shoes wahahaha.. =X

Monday, August 28, 2006

my room ceiling is leaking!!!

ahhhhhhh.. it's like 3am in the morning and it's raining heavily outside.. and all of a sudden i felt water dripping on my arm.. luckily i'm awake!! and lucky i changed the position of my bed.. or else i'd be drinking rain water while i sleep lol... as my table is now at this leaking spot, i could get high enough to touch the ceiling and paste newpapers on the ceiling to curb the dripping for a while..

and then after that i tried calling the maintenance.. i got a answering machine which asked me wait until the customer service officer is available.. and then they played a very very nice cute song... at first i didn't register what song was that, so i just hummed the tune while talking to my bf on msn.. and my bf told me this: what an appropriate song! and both charmaine and my bf told me at the same time what song was that..




i hope the maintenance man comes soon! >.<

Fatou and Fama African restaurant

Today me, charmaine and adrian went swimming together at Pottruck. I was the only one who did not really have access to the gym, but i managed to get in!! all of us were running through how we should scam our way through the security guard on our way there, discussing how we should tell him that my card may be faulty or something and we always go to the gym together hahaha.. i've only been into the gym once, and that was with weijia when she was stil around. that time we went was also a sunday where security was supposedly more slack. i didn't even let the guard scan my card the other time and he didn't really care =p

i was a little jittery before i went in and wasn't really sure if i should really let him scan my card, but both adrian and charmaine gave him the card to scan so i oso stayed back to let him scan.. when he took my card to scan, my heart was thumping like mad lol.. but after he scanned my card, he didn't say anything and passed me back my card!! wahahaha... mebbe my card was made with access to the gym!! i shall try my luck again next time hehe~

i had a nice leisurly swim at the pool, swimming only a few laps in total haha.. but i had fun soaking in the water, but was telling the rest that perhaps i may have lost like 10kg swimming LOL.. and later after that, adrian brought us around to see the rest of the gym. there was even a golf course at the 3rd level haha.. but i didn't go up to see. then i remembered that i wanted to weigh myself at the weighing machine, so we went back down to the basement swimming pool changing room to weigh.. and i found out that i lost weight!!!! yay~~~ *jumps up and down with joy~* :D i lost 700 grams ROFL.. shan't disclose my weight here ;p

after that, we went back home to shower and dress up for dinner. me and charmaine decided that we should wear the A&F top together today haha, then we'll look like twins ^_^ i also asked adrian and pacey to wear the same tee, they bought the same A/X tee the last time at woodburry. but in the end, only adrian wore that tee, pacey refused to wear it haha.. he wanna be a unique individual ;p he wore his nice guess shirt ^_^

dressed in A&F top together~

after we were done dressing up, we went to Fatou and Fama, the African restaurant opposite our house to have our dinner. It's another celebration to welcome charmaine haha.. All of us ordered Ala carte food, some of which me and my bf tried before last time. The buffet didn't seem too appetizing haha..

all of us savouring the yummy African food~ ^_^

me and twin charmaine :P

after the great dinner, we were off to frogo to have our weekly grocery shopping. and this time we have a new member, charmaine!! so this is the first time she gets to see what we buy every sunday, although we really didn't buy much cos the fridge still has lotsa food left over lol..

me and charmaine sister going frogo shopping!!

see all my pics here.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cherry Hill Mall!!!

OK.. so 2 shopping queens went shopping together just now.. me and charmaine were dying for this day.. to go shopping!! wahaha.. the both of us are absolute bad influence on each other, we just keep telling each other how nice the clothes are and that we should buy.. so end up we literally just bought everything we saw!! LOL.. i think cherry hill mall is much better than woodburry.. perhaps because i've been to woodburry so many times, i'm kinda bored of them already hehe.. cherry hill mall had a couple of better stores to offer.. they had

Victoria Secrets
Abercrombie and Fitch
American Eagles
Bath & Body Works
Forever 21
JC Penney
MAC Cosmetics
New York & Company

and many more stores, some similar to woodburry ^_^ check out my full shopping escapade here.

A&F babydoll top~

i bought this babydoll top A&F, damn cute right? =p it took me damn long to decide which 1 to buy lar!! this top was $29.50, which is about $30, i had like 5 items in my hand from A&F that i like lor, all around this price.. but.. so ex!!! >.< in the end i only allowed myself to get 1, and this was the last item standing after rounds of elimination wahahahaha... should take a pic of me wearing this tmr hehe~ XD

the next stop was Aeropostale, which was having a sale!!! all tops 50% off!! whee~~
Aeropostale steals~ love the cute kitty tee and some neat items for Fall~

Forever 21
there is a branch in wisma in singapore, but i never liked their clothes last time.. and i always thought that their clothes are so ex!! but while shopping there today, i went crazy.. all the clothes are sooo pretty and cheap!!! i took sooo many clothes to go try that i was literally holding a pile of clothes to the fitting room.. all the hangers and clothes were falling off my hands cos there were sooo many! charmaine almost wanted to salute me and give me the shopping queen crown haha..

A Chic retro dress from Forever 21

Another cute dress

both of these 2 dresses are damn cheap, $20+ only.. but i bought the chic retro dress in the end, cos it looks more formal and easier to wear it out on any occasions ^_^ there was another black dress which i liked a lot, can check it out at my photo album =p

locket from NYC

at first i thought that this was just a nice nacklace, until i fiddled with it and realised that it was actually a locket!! oooo so nice!! ^_^ and it was 50% off!!! sooo happy.. now can put pics of me n my darling bf~ =p
charmaine also bought a bracelet and a bag. the bag was $3 after discount cos i gave her a $10 voucher to use (cos i couldn't use it on jewelleries =p ) (i very generous hor? hehe~)

i think me and charmaine really have very good taste ROFL.. we like all the same clothes! by the end of the shopping trip, we actually bought 3 items exactly the same hahaha.. we can be twins liao :D

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chestnutties Episode 2!!

yay!! Charmaine is coming today!! At last I won't be the only girl around the house!! At last I have a roomie again! ^_^ I'm so excited right now, can't wait to see her!!

Right now the whole house is in a chaos, not the physical apartment that we stay in (cos we had cleaned up the house nicely just for her, especially someone who scrubbed down the stove and all the gunk in the kitchen ;p ), but the chesnutties themselves!! haha.. the whole day is almost gone and i had done absolutely NOTHING productive haha.. And i think so are the rest of the chesnutties ;p All of us are just so excited to have a new housemate, to start a new episode with 6 chesnutties again :D Once again the house will be filled with lots of chatter and laughter and LOTS and LOTS of FUN together!! ^_^

wohoo!! WELCOME to your new Chestnut family Charmaine!! Join in the fun! (And i hope you like to watch TV hee~) :D

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Personalized Google homepage

ok.. so i'm bored.. whenever you go on google's homepage, you will see this tab personalized home at the top right hand corner of the webpage. you can click on it to go to the personalized home.. there you can click on the Add Content tab at the top left hand corner of the page to personalize your homepage, and that is exactly what i did.

the result is a reflection of my boredom.. i have Pacman, Sudoku, daily Dilbert comic strip, funny quote of the day, movie listing (around my area), my gmail, weather (for my area), news and free text messages!! hahaha.. i have yet to try out that last feature though.. mebbe i'll use it on those who forget to turn off the TV or lights or fans at home when they go out hahaha.. good painful reminder for them.. ;p

i also added a timer to count down the time till i knock off from work (omg.. i'm literally staring at the timer XD) and a counter to countdown the time to me and my bf's annivasary ^_^

it's so fun to see so many things available for my homepage.. if you do a search on the homepage directory, you can find so many interesting stuffs!! i searched for a calculator and the results gave me calculators to calculate BMI, Javascript, Bra size (O_O), Sun/moon position, cooking measurements, and even DNA sequences!! sooo cooool!! ^_^

whee~ i love my homepage :D

A special day~

Just had lunch today with Alicia.. we bought a pack of hot & spicy beef noodles from KoJa foodtruck to share. it reminded me of the times i used to share lunch with my bf when he was here *sniff~ American's food portion is seriously so huge!! No wonder the country's facing serious obesity problems lol.. me and alicia had fun talking.. talks about cooking and the interesting things that happen around the house ;p

actually i had a long day today.. had meeting at 8.30am in the morning so i had to wake up at 7.30am.. deliang and pacey were so shocked to see me in the morning haha.. cos i usually wake up at 9am, when they are already working their ass off in the office ROFL.. deliang was like.. "omg.. did i oversleep again?!" cos he overslept the day before and was late for work.. he even went back his room just to check the time!! hahaha..

For once I think I'm working like a real employee.. normal office hour and having my lunch ahahaha.. My special day is everyone's normal day! wahahaha.. but jialat.. work is piling like crazy.. so much work i'm doing work at home too!! (okok, it's because i'm working so slow >.< )

*zooms back to online shopping~

Monday, August 21, 2006

Girl deprived..

actually i wanted to write about this a long time ago, but i never really got to jot this down.. living with 4 guys and working in an all men's company is difficult for me.. there's only testosterone and zero estrogen around... i miss girl companionship soooo badly!! even with my ex-roomie around, i also didn't get to have much girl companionship much, thanks to one of my housemates hehe~ ;p

when lawrence's gf came over, i was sooo super excited.. there was one occasion when jac, me and estee were at home and we were talking soooo happily!! n.. n.. i ignored my darling bf for a while >.< but.. i was so in bliss to get some girl talk! ^_^

yesterday was one of the happiest days i've gotten for a long time!! even my housemate deliang could see how happy i was haha.. yesterday was the batch 8 juniors' orientation, so all the NOC ppl gathered for a day together to have some fun.. as for me, i was so happy to see "so many" girls haha.. girls in NOC are still pretty outnumbered by guys, but it's better than just me alone! ^_^

me, alicia and niki~

for the whole day, i was always with the girls *happiness~* talking and chatting with alicia and niki and the juniors was so cool!! and also with estee later in the day :D

dinner last night

me and my housemates~

right now i'm just so excited... Charmaine is coming!! ^_^
Dear housemate, sorry but i gonna put up a fight for her attention!! ;p (good things are hard to get k? hee~)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

look good with no $$!!

while waiting for my flight back home during my honeymoon trip to florida and bahamas, i shopped around the airport (obvious thing to do ;p). i went into this $10 store, everything was going for just $10!! many items caught my eye, but i settled on this bag in the end. i loved it~

so far, 2 people actually made an effort just to tell me that they like my bag!!! wahaha.. so happy! $10 can exchange for such praises ^_^ doesn't this show that i've got an eye to look out for good and cheap stuffs? hee~ :p

*brands myself "authentic shopping queen~" and pat myself on the back* XD

my new bag~

anyway, while doing my research at work, plowing through medical journals and websites, i came accross this website talking about how infections during surgeries are transmitted..

wohoo!! i'm hardworking!!
*another pat on my back..* *SMUG*

they say that in most cases, infections are caused by the bacteria present on the surgeons and patients themselves. these bacteria are mainly on our skin, especially at the armpits and loins...... ...... so somehow, these bacteria from the armpits and loins will fly to the wound of the patient where the surgeons cut them and cause infections.. eww...

but ironically, the surgeon's clothings will accumulate all these bacteria and cause even more contamination, and studies have shown that the infection rates are higher if the surgeons are adorned than when they are not.. then the best part came.. the author of the article made a suggestion:

we should have naked surgeons running around to reduce infection rates..


O____o hmmmm...



Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Penn Diary

Feeling a little extravagant today... I went to buy a University of Pennsylvania Academic Planner.. wait a minute.. did i just say BUY??!! YES! OMG... i paid for a school diary!!! the price of the diary is US$7.. and after sales tax, it's a whooping US$7.50!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh


ROAR!!! now i feel touched that we could get free NUSSU diary from NUS *sniff~
but.... anything for a Penn diary hehe~ ^_^

my new diary~

Another sad case..
I was dabbling on online shopping on the last day my bf was here.. there was a promotional sale on PacSun.. $40+ roxy bikinis per piece were going for $25 each if u buy 2 (2 for $50) so i bought.. (1st time shopping online!! and i only have 1 set of bikini which i've been wearing for many years).. just now when i checked the website again, it has a new sale!!! now they are going for $19.99 a piece T_T

ok.. lemme wallow in my own tears... *boohoohoo~ my $$ flying away with wings~

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Indolent creature

let's start with some complaints about myself..

I realise that i'm actually very very lazy.. wherever i have work to do (work as in real work, homework etc.), i'll just tell myself that i have other work to do and i'll do just about everything else but work itself haha.. i'll wash my clothes, i'll think about what to cook for dinner, i'll write my blog, AND read everyone's blogs (oops! >.<), i'll check my emails (over and over again, just in case i get new mails) and i'll catch up on my beauty sleep (which i convince myself that i need that whenever i have work to do).. and my work always end up being done the last, and at at the eleventh hour just before submission T_T when that happens, i get stressed out and i'll walk around with a blank head O_O so.. my work is almost always hastily done -.-"

sometimes i try to force myself to do my work, and i do really do that.. but after like 2 minutes, my mind would start to wander..
*thinks about what i should buy if i get to go shopping again~
and work gets done... in an extremely slow pace.. zzz..

jeanie's blog

everytime i read my bf's elder sis's blog, i can't help but laugh.. her humour is unbelieveable ;p

now that my bf is back home, she had put up a lot of pics of him!!! *gleams* (although i haven't forgiven him for licking fiona xie's boobs!! grrrrr... or jeanie for licking fiona's armpits.. -.-" )

his whole family has gone crazy over handphones.. they decided to sell off all their "old" handphones for the new ones with 3.2MP cameras haha.. they forced my bf to sell off his old hp as well, but he got his lil sis's old hp instead.. (*pouts) they are snapping pics like crazy (good for me XD) and they sure don't need a real camera like mine (although mine's still the best with 5.0 MP wahahahaha!!)

but now they make my hp suck big time -.-"

my handphone

christmas ROSE!

cool syncro dances ^_^

this is a much better clip than the 1st =p

Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Belated National Day Party!!

Just now we had a belated SG 41st birthday party at Cavanaugh's.. had cheap buffalo wings and beer, although i didn't drink myself.. it was kinda nice gathering.. at least i got to know a few more juniors ^_^


after that i went to Estee's house to check out her down jackets.. she has too many and intends to sell off some of them. i bought her DKNY down jacket for $15!!!! whoa~~ thanks so much Estee!! ^_^

anyway.. i wanna announce something.. i'll be dumping my beloved sandals!!! T_T

my favourite pair of sandals..

the rubber soles of the sandals were worned out pretty badly, but loving them so much, i decided that i should just replace the soles. i went down to the cobbler store just below my house and asked the cobbler how much would it cost to replace the rubber at the heels (only HEELS!!), which was a thumb size piece of rubber. he told me that it would cost $12.. USD$12!! i can buy a new pair of shoes liddat ler..


when he told me that it costs $12, i was pretty taken aback.. he saw my stunned faced so he tried to convince me why it's so ex.. he bla bla bla, yak yak yak, pointed at the heels then... yank... tore away the worn rubber..


yah, now i see why i need $12 to repair it.. thanks a lot bro.. bye bye..


OK.. I was stupid enough to try to be smart and go dl crack for winzip.. ended up with a virus that almost crashed my comp >.< lucky my bf dl antivirus and spyware doc in my comp.. got it under control but i think it's not totally eliminated T_T spent the whole morning trying to scan for the virus while it tries to hang my comp.. now that i've finally gotten it under control, it starts to rain.. heavily!!!

argh.. now i'm distracted again.. I didn't close my room windows!! and my fan is at the window ledge >.< i hope it is water resistent -.-" i keep looking outside the window of my lab to see if the rain is getting worse..and it is :( can't seem to register what i'm reading for my work.. my work is piling up like crazy, and i'm still slacking :/

you dun see me you dun see me!!! >.<
dam.. u still see me slacking T_T

Thursday, August 10, 2006

qian bian blog

sometimes i wonder to myself.. am i the luckiest girl alive or what.. occasionally i feel that i have totally no status in my company.. i dun have a position in the company (just intern), i dun have a company email account, dun have a work desk of my own (either i sit beside my supervisor at his desk or i "kope" other people's desk in the lab), dun have a laptop to use at work (i bring my own) and dun have keys to the lab.. last time i also dun have keys to the office, but i got it now haha.. anyways, despite all these, i AM the highest paid worker and the slackest worker as well.. my working hours are fantastic.. if i come to work any earlier than 9am, i get locked out.. cos no 1 is around yet and i dun have the keys haha..

today is the best lah, cos weijie (junior working in same lab as me), went to work late today, nobody was around at all and i was locked out till 10+ am.. my supervisor comes to work at 10+am so i only managed to get in then.. this kinda taught me never to arrive for work early haha.. i agree totally with all my housemates.. i am the highest paid intern if my pay was calculated in hours :P

and right now, i take LUCY to and from work.. last time walk 3 streets to work, now take free aircon bus to work.. life is grrreeeaaattt HAHA..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Boyfriend.. bf...

i just realised that my bf had been here for a long time, but it just seems so short!! i received an email today from Sony ImageStation that there's a promotion on photo prints; 10 cents per pic, so i decided that i should print some pics for keepsake. While looking through my photos, i realised that me and my bf had been to many places! we went to

American Family Visit- KOLENS
Philadelphia Art Museum
New York City - Broadway Phantom of the Opera
Franklin Mills & Woodburry shopping
Atlantic City
Six Flags - Extreme roller coasters!!
Honeymoon in Florida & Bahamas on cruise
Eastern State Penitentiary

Of course there were also other events like going to NOC junior's briefing with me, shopping at center city with me, watching world cup at Niki's place with me, going grocery shopping with me, drinking with the chestnut guys, and just being with me all the time!! ^_^

Seems pretty unbelievable that we really did so many things together during this short 7 weeks!! Lucky we have pics to remember all of them.. right dear? ^_^

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Blues

Feel so sad.. My darling is leaving today T_T i gonna miss him like crazy.. he's beem here for almost 2 months, but time seems to pass by so fast!! But we had a great time together.. the holiday trip to Florida and Bahamas was really romantic and it really felt like a honeymoon. The most most memorable event was during the snorkeling trip.. We were holding hands and flipping our flippers together and looking at the beautiful fishes.. And after that, the beautiful white sandy beach and clear sea water at Pearl Island was also very romantic.. he covered me in the white sand, we played around in the swimming pool-like sea.. oooo.. i'll never forget those events!!

Yesterday, we went to Fatou and Fama, an African restaurant opposite our house for dinner. It's the second time that we're there.. the first time we went, we had a great lamb dish, so good that we wanna eat there again together for the last time.. yesterday we ordered lamb again, it was really really delicious. Helped us take our minds off for a while that he's leaving..

Today he's really flying off.. there's no way i can keep him here with me.. haiz.. that's 5 more months to go before i can see him again.. 5 days is long when u're love sick.. 5 months is eternity.. No.. I will not cry!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eastern State Penitentiary

Yesterday, me and my bf went for a prison tour at Eastern State Penitentiary which was recommended to us by his elder sis.

Eastern State Penitentiary is America's most historic prison. Opened in 1829 as part of a controversial movement to change the behavior of inmates through "confinement in solitude with labor," Eastern State Penitentiary quickly became one of the most expensive and most copied buildings in the young United States. It is estimated that more than 300 prisons worldwide are based on the Penitentiary's wagon-wheel, or "radial" floor plan.

Some of America's most notorious criminals were held in the Penitentiary's vaulted, sky-lit cells, including bank robber Willie Sutton and Al Capone. After 142 years of consecutive use, Eastern State Penitentiary was completely abandoned in 1971, and now stands, a lost world of crumbling cell blocks and empty guard towers.


these sounds from the video actually came from automated machines.. they simulate the sounds made by the prisoners during that time.

After the tour around the prison, me and my bf went to buy ice cream to eat and ended up with sticky fingers so we had to find a toilet.. The Academy of Natural Science Museum was just around the corner so we popped by to use their restroom and ended up having a free tour around the museum!! haha..


giant prehistoric turtle~

And even later that day, me and my bf went to Chinatown to makan and shop around center city. I had a great time! ;p

Friday, August 04, 2006


I think my head is fried.. the moment i touched down in philly on tuesday, I started to fry already. Although Florida was hot, we were always either in the car, in our air conditioned hotel room or cruise cabin or in the sea. We hardly had much time out in the hot sun sweating hehe~ The weather in Philly was too much! Yesterday the temperatures peaked to 40 degree celsius!! ahhh.. fever liao haha.. me and my bf have been running from the heat at home by going to frogo everyday, always buying a drink then go to the cafe upstairs to play cards hee~ as a result, i have done virtually nothing useful these few days haha.. feel kinda guilty, but i really felt super stoned.. the heat really really deep fried my brain lol..

me: can people tell that our brain's fried dear?
alvin: of course not! just look at how intelligent we look! +_+

LUCKILY, the heat has gone down.. last night was the first night that we had a decent night's rest.. the past few nights we had been sleeping in a swimming pool soaked with our own sweat.. yucks!! haha.. we tried all sorts of methods to cool down ourselves.. take ice cold baths, put a large plate of ice in front of our fan to blow the cold air to us and put a cold wet towel on our face but none of them worked.. the room was still blazing fire.. bleah! >.< anyway, last evening was still hot though, so me and my bf went for a late night movie at the bridge. we watch Miami Vice, which was pretty much a brainless guy show with violence and lame sex. but we reached our goal of staying cool in the cinema XD and most importantly, our room was pretty cool when we came back :p

yay! at last the temperature is going down!! i was dreading cooking tonight cause i'm pretty sure i'd be a cooked cat by the time i'm done making dinner haha.. wohoo! cooking curry chicken tonight! ^_^

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Key West and Miami Beach, Florida

This is the last blog of my last 2 days at Florida.. After we alighted the cruise, we drove all the way down from Port Caneveral to Key West. my bf, bored, blew up a big bubble gum haha..

big bubble gum

Southern Most Tip of USA!!

In Key West, I basically went to all the same places that I went the last time with the rest of my housemates. We went to the southern most point of USA and also to the same restaurant called Damn Good Food! The last time i ate the buffalo wings burger which i didn't really like, so this time i ordered the All American Melts which was simply delicious man.. the thought of it makes me salivate!! haha..

yummy All American Melts with roast beef~

after dinner, me and my bf went to walk around and we saw this shop for lovers haha..

my bf was excited.. -.-"

we went in and.. tried on all the cute hats! lol..

just don't ask me why i'm grinning like dat.. i dunno too lol.. but my bf got a nice pighead XD

we spent one night at key west and drove back to orlando the next day.. but we did drop by at Miami beach for a swim and also tanned a while under the sun.. i figured.. i can never be fair in my life, i must well have a nice tan rather than being not tan and not fair haha.. i really had lots of fun!! I dun wanna come back~ T.T

Check out all my photos at my Bahamas/Florida Photo Album :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cruise to BAHAMAS~

WOW.. this is the best cruise I had in my life!! :D we took the 4 day 3 night cruise to Bahamas from Port Caneveral, Orlando, Florida.

Carnival Cruise - Sensations

On board the cruise, we could eat ALL we want ALL DAY LONG.. it's buffet every meal!! actually dinner is fine dining, we're really treated like kings and queens man.. and we can eat as many appitizers, entrees and desserts as we want!! and the food is damn fantastic lah!! i'm sure i gained like 3kg during the cruise man!!

on the first day, we went to eat sushi.. eat as much as you want! we took salmon sashimi of course haha!! and some other types of sushi.. then we went for buffet with free flow EBI prawns which during tea break and we ate until super full lah! but that was before we found out what was for dinner.. LOBSTER!!! WHOA!! lucky we still went to eat dinner despite being totally stuffed hahaha.. and we finished dinner of course! ahahahahahaha...

EBI Prawns~


If i wasn't that stuffed, i would have ordered another 3 lobster entrees man!! so yummy lah!! On the cruise i was just spending so much time on eating man.. the food is so delicious!! haha.. and all the people there are so humourous!! when law and gf ordered escargo, the waiter said: M'am, your SLUGS~ lol.. i almost burst out laughing haha.. and everyday the waiters will also give us a performance while we're eating.. so cute! haha.. even our room the cabin steward also make our room very cute lar haha.. they made our beds and put a folded towel with the shape of a seal on the bed with eyes! haha..

cute seal on the bed~

the cruise is fantastic lar.. last time go on star cruise too young, then cannot really enjoy the facilities on board.. now, going on this cruise with my bf, we went to the casino!! we were watching how all those people play the games, and we also excited for them lar.. we didn't gamble, but... WE WON MONEY!!! wahahahahahhaha... you know those kinds of arcade machines where you drop coins into the machine full of more coins and there will be a sweeper that will try to push the coins until it tips off and fall out for you? haha.. we were just standing there figuring out if we should try playing and looking at which spot will be best to drop the coin when.. *tong tong tong* some coins dropped out!! lol.. I swear we didn't rock the machine!! must be the sea waves!! haha.. but it was only 3 quarters XD 75 cents oso money ok? haha..

other than that, we also went to Disco (see see only), adult comedy shows (same like last comic standing, just that i'm really watching it LIVE!) and a dance performance. the dance performance was superb lah!! it was an '80s genre, so they were singing and dancing all the greatest hits during that time.. ooo i love them man.. all the nice songs!! then got like 3 of them actually coming from Dirty Dancing!! ooo i love the song and dances!! it was a full 1 hour broadway musical man! haha.. they had so many interesting dances and costumes.. got Maryln Monroe's song, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Saturday Night Fever blah blah blah.. so many good songs i lost count haha.. me and my bf were singing together with the show hahaha... we had so much fun!! ^_^


our cruise stopped over at Bahamas where we had booked a snorkeling trip at Pearl Island.

Bahamas Street Performance

After we alighted the cruise at Bahamas, we had to take another boat to Pearl Island. Pearl Island is extremely extremely beautiful!! the water is crystal clear and the sand is soft and pearly white!! I can see my feet and the white sand when I'm standing in the sea up to my chest lor!! I didn't take pics with my camera here though.. we bought an underwater camera from the cruise for us to take when we're snorkeling. this time snorkeling i PRO liao hahaha.. know how to use the snorkel properly haha, i didn't even taste the sea water until i took out my snorkel!! XD me and my bf had a great romantic time :P having so much fun swimming together and pointing at all the fishes and even trying to talk with the snorkel in our mouths hahaha.. i managed to touch some fishes cos there was a guy feeding the school of fish and we swam there to get surronded by lotsa pretty fishes!! ^_^

Pearl Island - pic taken from the net

Stingray - another pic taken from the net

the corals there weren't as pretty as those i saw the other time i went to Florida though.. the last snorkeling trip the people brought us to the deep sea where there was a spot with amazingly pretty corals.. this time round it was just plain corals at the beach haha.. but i still enjoyed myself thoroughly! :D

I'm on Honeymoon with my darling! :P

FLORIDA again!

I went to Florida for the 2nd time! this time with my darling~ :D we were in florida for 4 days and another 4 days we were on a cruise to Bahamas! ^_^ since it's such a long trip, i shall write this in 3 posts. this post will be on Florida!

the first day when we reached Orlando, Florida, we went to those theme restaurants like the previous time. last time we went to Medievial Times - Dinner and Tournament, this time we went to Arabian Nights. Arabian Nights is very cool!! they have got a lot of acrobat stunts on horses very very nice!! and the food is great (dun have to use hands to eat this time haha), and there was free flow of wine!! WINE!!! haha.. lawrence even went to buy a water bottle just to "da bao" the wine haha..

Arabian Nights

I'm with an OGRE!! the usual hat testings - SHREK hairband


I think MGM studios is much better than Magic Kingdom!! mebbe because i love exciting rides haha.. magic kingdom is more for kids.. law and gf went to MK though.. me and my darling went to MGM. In MGM studios, there are these 2 particular rides which are simply AWESOME! the first is the Tower of Terror - Twilight Zone. the ride is damn damn damn damn scary lah!

Tower of Terror - Twilight Zone

this ride is actually RAMDOM. you may not experience the same thing when you take it. we took it twice, but very swey, both were the same haha.. but it was still damn scary.. what happened during our ride was that we are sitting in this lift (with seatbelts!!) and then at some instance it is pitch dark.. then suddenly, you PLUNGE DOWN 5 stories at high speed!! WHOA, i tell you i screamed my head off man!! i was literally flying off my seat, my butt was already off the chair and it was only the seatbelt that was restraining me!! damn kewl lar!!! we just keep going up and down, up and down, and i was just screaming my head off all the way LOL.. SHIOK AH!!

the other uber fantastic ride was the Aerosmith roller coaster ride.. that was the prime attraction there, but i didn't know why it was that.. i just thought that it was a normal roller coaster ride.. until i saw it..

no.. i wasn't scared.. >.<

the ride goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 2 seconds!!! WAHHHHH.. i swear my cheeks almost touched my ears LOL.. no, i'm just kidding.. my skin is VERY FIRM haha.. but it was damn scary man!! this ride made me think twice if i would really dare to take Kingdaka in Sixflags ahahaha.. i was really really hanging on to my dear life there man.. it was like a indoor roller coaster, almost pitch dark.. the sudden blast at the start nearly took my breath away and the sudden 360 degrees turn next (i couldn't see anything btw, totally dark) took me by surprise.. it made me wanna say COWABANGA!! WOHOO!! lol.. i loved the ride so much we took it 4 times!! wahahahahaha...

other than the rides there were also the usual stuff like.. Disney parades, live performances and Hat trying!!! hahaha.. I had so much fun!! ^_^ I love MGM studios.. (I also love you dear :P)

cute hats~ :D

Six Flags

Bwahahaha... I'm back!!

Finally got chance to write my blog again =p Six Flags trip was so long ago~ but i can still remember those amazing rides i took! ^_^ actually it's kinda funny.. when me and my bf were trying to jio everyone to go with us, everyone turned us down.. then when we decided to go six flags on our own, everyone joined us! hahaha.. in the end we went there with like 14 people? hahaha... we took the greyohund bus there.. they had a package where we just need to pay $43.50 for both the admission tix and round trip bus fare. the admission ticket itself is actually $59.90 if u buy from sixflags there itself! hahaha.. but if u buy the ticket online is $39.90 lar, so that means the bus fare is only $3.60! :P

with such a great deal, i was super happy lar! when we reach six flags i was already jumping up and down haha.. as we were so early, there were hardly anyone there at first. the first few roller coaster rides we didn't have to wait at all! we just climbed straigt on! XD but later in the day, more and more people came so we had to start queueing cos we didn't buy the fastpass (tot nobody coming haha.. it was supposed to rain that day, but it didn't ^_^) the best rides that i had was NITRO, and the next best was SUPERMAN! NITRO was very cool cos the ride had lotsa sudden falls and rises, which gives you the sudden plunge feeling. I simply love that kinda excitement!! so shiok man!! SUPERMAN was very cool because we were strapped in such a way that the ride took us flying just like superman, with our backs strapped parallel to the rail and our heads pointing to where we were going :D there was once when we were plunging straight down, and it felt like we were falling and gonna hit the ground on our head manz, damn cool lar! haha..

the other rides that we took were also very cool lar, got lotsa 360 degree rounds and exciting moments.. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take the 2 most important rides that were there: EL TORO and KINGDAKA.. there was technical faults in the rides and we were forced to leave.. T.T soooo sad.. i wanna try those rides~~~ :(

nvm, mebbe another time :D


all becoming SUPERMAN after the SUPER ride~ XD

me and my darling waiting in queue for our ride ^_^