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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sometimes i wonder why... why i need so much sleep.. but now i think i should actually sleep as little as possible haha... seems that the reason why i'm always so blur is because i sleep too much? =X haven't had the chance to sleep much since the Novartis biocamp.. and didn't sleep the whole night last night to rush through a presentation and today the whole day i've never been more clear minded and performed so much better than usual.. or rather, i've performed so well i exceeded so many other incredible people around me! i'm proud of myself and i've finally succeeded!!

haha ok.. i got a job already!! yay!!! finally after so much hard work, it paid off ^_^ but.. i think i really need to sleep now.. it's 40hrs of no shut eye for me already =X

SLEEP! i wan sweet dreams~

**Nightmare for my fyp now T_T

Friday, October 19, 2007

Novartis International Biotechnology Leadership Camp 2007

Was one of the 2 selected in Singapore to attend this camp organized by Novartis. The other person who got chosen was Ivan, who happened to be taking the same classes as me haha.. I didn't even know who he was until after this =p It was a 3 day camp in Tokyo, Japan, but it cost us 5 days in total because of the time needed to fly there and also because we extended a day hehe..

The camp was really tiring.. First of all, the flight was a night flight from midnight to 7am in the morning.. and i didnt get a wink of sleep on my way there cos the seats were so uncomfortable.. perhaps they should sponsor us first class seats? hehe.. jokin =p anyway, being so tired already, the camp itself was really intensive.. because after the talks in the morning, the afternoon was spent working on a business plan with participants from other countries. It was a really great cultural exchange and I was really impressed by most people there. All of the participants were really passionate and ended up working on our business plans throughout the 3 days, and i guess in the end all of us didnt sleep during the whole camp! haha..

On one of the nights, it was actually a free activities night and Novartis actually gave each team some $$ to go out for dinner!! I was very fortunate to be in the group that decided to go try Shabu Shabu!!! yum~~~~ It's like steamboat, just much much better hehehehe.. The meat was so fresh and I couldn't stop eating until I was totally stuffed haha.. Buffet ma >.<

Was really happy to meet people like Takeshi, who impressed all of us with his wisdoms, Allen, Shiho, Olan, Tetsu, Therese, Carla, Quaiser and Emily who was my very very sweet roommate :)

The extended day, me and Ivan decided to book a cheaper hotel and somewhere out of the city so as to get a real taste of traditional Japan. We went to Narita City. Got to visit the Naritasan temple and all the shops around there.. And we got to try some local delights! Some of them includes authentic Takopochi!! haha.. Tastes great ^_^

Ivan, Me & BioCamp poster =p

This pic was actually taken during the cultural night dinner where all the participants from different countries were required to come up with a cultural performance representing our country. Me and Ivan came up with a Wayang Kulit show and thanks to him and his very capable girlfriend, we made a very interesting show that won us 3rd prize haha XD

At the academy hills in Mori Towers (Fuji mt. can be seen somewhere in the clouds haha..)

Our conferences were actually held at this Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills at the 49th floor. Thus we got to see a beautiful view of Tokyo, and even Mount Fuji far away. Only the tip could be seen in the clouds though haha..

my teammates, the Catasol group! ^_^

Our amazing team!! Glad i was with them :)

A talk by Nobel Laurette, Robert Horvitz!!

Oh yeah!! I got to meet with a Nobel Prize Winner!!! :D He was really inspiring, I like him ^_^ I like the way he emphasizes the importance of support and encouragement from family :)

Another pic of Catasol!! =p

We are a fun loving group hehe..

Shabu Shabu!!! Yummiest dinner I've had ^_^

Me and Therese, Tokyo tower behind us

Naritasan Shinshoji temple

Trying some local delights~

Decided to put Ivan's big mouth instead of mine =X lol..