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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

I thought that the new harry potter 5 in the movies wasn't really that exciting.. mebbe bcos Transformers was so much better hehe =p However, despite my suggestions, my brother went to watch harry potter and not transformers.. he's a harry potter fan haha.. These couple of days he's been talking about buying the new harry potter 7.. the very last book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Wasn't really thinking much about that myself since I've yet to finish reading harry potter 5 =X only the first chapter to be specific haha.. but since i've just watched the movie.. guess i kinda know the gist of the book already =p

Anyway, today my work in lab only took 10mins.. spending 1.5hrs to travel to school and another 1.5hrs back home just for that dumb 10mins in lab to change the cell media solution is NOT very fun.. so i decided that since i was already out, i must well make a trip down town to shop a little haha.. While on the bus 95 out from school, i was musing about what present to buy for my brother's birthday when i overheard 2 girls behind me talking about harry potter.. i wasn't really listening to their conversation la but it instinctly reminded me that my brother wanted that book hehe.. Soooo... i went down to buy the book for him lah! lol.. I went to kinokuniya at ngee ann city there to see.. At the entrance there, there was like a small box shelf with a few of the new harry potter 7 left.. and only 1 of them was the adult version =X i was still thinking to myself.. sian.. only 1 book left.. dunno good condition or not when suddenly 1 of the staff there walked over with a couple more books to put on the paper shelf.. then i was like YAY.. can pick liao haha..

but when i looked over to where the direction which the staff came from, i realized there was like huge stacks of the book rofl... so i went there to pick 1 book.. when i was satisfied with the condition of the book i went to the nearest cashier to pay up and realized that the queue was simply crazy.. spanning like 20 meters -.-" darn.. it's saturday today... so i decided to go to another cashier lah.. hoping that the queues will be shorter.. as i delved deeper into kino.. it was then i realized that the whole store is stocked full of harry potter 7... every corner, cust serv counter, special promotion sections, well simply just everywhere is stocked full of the book.. it feels like kino is selling 50% HP7 and 50% of any other books rofl.. and yeah.. every cashier had long queues T_T so bo bian i queued to pay up for the book lor..

finally when i reached the cashier where i was next in line, i saw this poster displayed there.... HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS will be officially released on 21 July at 7.01am... and i was like.. OMG!! THAT'S TODAY!!! hahaha... damn.. now i look like a crazy harry potter fan.. buying the book on the very day that it's released lol... but it's a good thing.. cos they having a promotion.. they giving 10% off on the book, a free $10 gift voucher and a contest ticket for a trip for 2 to britain..

and now for the real reason for blogging this post.... i love the 1st 2 promotions.. but for the contest ticket......... it most prob is a hoax... actually i'm pretty certain it is... the contest form only states the closing date which is 20th Aug, there is no mention of when the draw date will be, or where it will be held.. winners will be notified by post.. ie.. the results will not be published anywhere.. only the winners will know they won the trip.. and last but not least, all contestants will be automatically subscribed to the agency sponsoring this trip.. and they gave the website well... there is not a single mention of the draw or anything to do with harry potter on the webbie.. looks just like any typical travel agency web portal.. using common sense.. if this was real, the marketing people would most likely want to reap the full advertising opportunity to market their agency, to make it a public event for people to know their company.. but they are not.. just asking people to sign up for this "contest" and get everyone onto their database as a member so that they can spam us with advertisements.. it's all too easy to spot a hoax lol.. i'm never trusting VisitBritain agency.. If i ever were to go to britain, they would not even be on the last of my list ^_^

sorry.. i simply hate all this kinda companies who just like to LIE so blatantly.. to me they are just stupid people..

ANYWAY... guess my brother is happy with the present! His birthday is on 26th July, but i gave him the present in advance to satisfy his hunger and let him be 1 of the first on Earth to read the book.. afterall the book is officially released WORLDWIDE today which means that everyone will only get to read it today! (other than some cheaters who may have gotten to read it 1st b4 it's released) XD

As for me.. I'm happy with the $10 voucher haha.. will go buy some magazines to read next month =p

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bon Voyage my dear friend! ^_^

I'm so happy for my buddy GuiYing, her company, Rockwell, is sending her to the states for training for 6 months!! She will be staying in some condo like house with her colleague in Ohio, Colorado! She say got all the in-house swimming pool, gym etc etc.. and the apartment is very pretty! So cool lah hehe.. lucky girl =p oh well, when you have straight As all the way from secondary school until grad from uni with a 1st class honours.. getting such a good job shouldn't be hard hahaha.. she only applied for 2 jobs, and it was a pretty hasty application.. and she got offers from both companies lol...

anw my dear buddy will be flying off on the 29th of July.. so my friends organized a farewell party for her tonight.. we had BBQ at Fushan garden, which is opp our secondary school. Brings back quite a lot of good old memories we had together.. even more good memories when we chatted and brought up even more funny events in the past haha.. as usual, the girls will be chit chatting while the guys would be chatting in another group.. if Ms Mala (our sec school form teacher) saw us, she would definitely scream for us to mix up n not clique together with the same sex haha... we leopards never change our spots =p so we girls just keep chit chatting while the guys made the fire and cooked all the food for us haha.. thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it hehe.. ^_^

Guiying, XinTong, Me and Shereen.. Best Buddies 4eva ^_^

Girls group shot

Me and guiying

The whole gang of us. Great pals~ 10 year long friendship =)

Friends of a lifetime =D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Darling's Commencement from NUS! YAY~

FINALLY~ my bf is officially graduated from NUS~ yayayayayayayay~~ so happy for him~ muacks! XD

darn.. i wanna grad too!! *steals my darling's hat XD

hehe yup!! i permed my hair.. not too used to managing perms though.. quite mafan lol.. actually only wanted to cut short my hair, but the hairdresser keep psycho-ing me until i relented n decided to give perm a try haha.. damn.. my hair costs $255.. =X

anyway my bf only had 2 invitations to the commencement ceremony, so only his parents could go in.. lucky i didnt go.. heard it was very boring =X

i went to the lab to look for my prof instead.. which.. didnt turn out too well T_T with my results finally in hand, i was hoping to get his approval to move on to the next step.. but after serious discussion with him, we realized that the results proved to be very dumbfounding.. we couldn't understand why the results showed that immune response was decreased (decrease in the cytokine IL-8) when challenged with the pathogenic E.coli O157:H7 strain.. it just seems.. impossible.. so in the end.. he decided that we should scrap this whole experiment and now he wants me to work on another bateria type.. Salmonella.. T_T all my 7 months of hard work has just officially went down the drain too.. now i have to start everything again!! can u believe it? now i will be slower than my juniors who had already started on their FYP too... all i wanna say is that.. GOD GIVE ME POWER TO CONTINUE LIVING FOR 6 MORE MONTHS!! LOL.. that's the way of life of a researcher.. something not right? scrap.. do something else with results that u can explain haha.. that's how research can go on for decades n decades with just minimal discovery haha.. i hate research....... tomorrow i gonna go to school and ask my JUNIOR.. to teach me how to culture the salmonella strain T_T

Monday, July 09, 2007


So sad.. the online that i was playing, PH ROSE online evolution, is closed.. Most prob got hacked again lol.. But these managing ppl were pretty irresponsible.. didnt even care about informing us customers what happened.. Lucky we couldnt buy item mall stuff (they only allow ph ppl to buy) or else i'd be crying over the $$ i spent on the game and losing everything when these incompetent ppl couldnt handle the hackers.. my poor lvl164 cleric T_T 2months of hard work lol..

the best movie i've watched this year would be TRANSFORMERS!! watched it like the day it was open haha.. benefit of not having a job n can watch at non-peak hours XD at first i thought that the show would be so kiddy.. afterall it is like a child's play in my elder brother's era rofl.. but the show was really really super exciting, kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the show! it was a full 2hr+ of excitement haha.. the only problem was that there was this super tall guy who was sitting in front of us n he was sitting up so straight!! blocked my poor darling from seeing quite a bit of the show :(
gonna watch harry potter 5 this thu too when it opens.. already booked the tickets XDXD gonna watch at cathay orchard, the digital version at 1pm =p this time i gonna bring a giant hammer to the movie.. if anyone dares to sit so straight i gonna hammer his head down wahahahaha XD

sian.. i wonder if i should start applying for jobs now.. is it too early? after all i'm only gonna grad like end of this year.. so envious of everyone who has grad liao.. was talking to weijia and shinla the other day, which happened to be the day b4 their commencement.. so happy for them *sniff~ i wanna be an air stewardess~~ muahaha.. kinda like a childhood dream lol.. i wanna apply for the position of Cadet Cabin Crew Executive.. Hope they want me rofl..

Oh ya, PACEY!! if u're reading this.. TEACH ME FRENCH!! when u're free =p (but not in exchange for my bf rofl.. treat u a meal can negotiate lol)