Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dance Uncensored!

Went to watch dance uncensored yesterday together with my dear and pacey who joined us. had been a great excuse for me to dress up, although i knew that people would just be wearing drag there to watch lol.. haha, singapore not much chance for me to dress up, not like in the states where they are more particular about dressing and image hee~ now that i've got so many dresses, don't wear now where got chance?

anyway, we got ourselves the very last row of the seat at level 1, so i guess the view wasn't too bad. worst seats are upper level seats and side seats. the dances were ok... too many hip hop item.. especially a dance by this hall where they were talking about this couple which dragged on for 20mins i think.. way too long, way too boring.. KE was good in that they had the variety/diversity in the areas of dance, from korean to wushu to shanghai mamasans haha.. but the best dance was from Eusoff hall with the dance with fans.. it was really good! could tell that they really knew how to dance from their footwork. reminds me so much of the time when i used to dance..

i quit dance when i entered uni.. and sometimes i wonder if i made the right choice.. i love dance, but i had been dancing my whole life, i wanted to do something else for a change.. i guess trade offs had to be made. i'm pretty happy with the path i chosen. dance can still come in when i have the time to spare ^_^ need to get pics from pacey and get back my camera cable so that i can upload my own pics as well >.<


finally!! finished my immuno presentation today.. i had never been nervous when i dance on stage, yet i'm all jittery and sorts when i give a speech or presentation.. zzz.. oh well, it went well =p 1 last presentation to go!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


NUS students beware! nowadays there has been frequent bazaars in school and there's this auntie (quite short n plump) who sells burgers and sausages is not very trustworthy.. she's often at science bazaar outside LT27 or occasionally at central bazaar.. the first time i bought stuff from her, a few items cost me almost $10 and one of them, a yam pudding, was spoilt.. it had already turned sour.. and when i paid for her expensive stuff, she also overcharged me by giving me less change.. but i didn't realize until i counted my money and the cost of the foodstuffs i bought >.< by that time, i was already on the bus on the way back to pgp.. T_T

today i bought from her for the second time, (reluctantly cos i really wanted to eat the taiwan sausage lol), she again overcharged me.. but this time knowing her dishonesty, i counted my money before i left.. i almost wanted to give her a good scolding but refrained.. only growling at her when i told her she shortchanged me..

the first time i had been nice and gave her the benefit of the doubt that she really counted wrongly or perhaps was super poor so needed to cheat little kids like us 10-20 cents extra whenever she has the chance.. but... she has a maid whom she brings along to help her.. geez.. can afford to hire maid still wan cheat people of their money.. tsk tsk.. unforgiveable... plus her food are all badly cooked.. even the taiwan sausage also very hard.. zzz... i'm never gonna buy anything from her again..


had a nice gathering with gean and the rest of my NCBV batch 7 ppl at cafe le claire at Arab street last thu.. and i totally forgot about it lol... i was still bz having dinner with my bf when adrian and the rest were anxiously calling me =X i was away from my bag n didn't hear the phone ring.. only when i finished my dinner and went to collect my bag did i receive another call from adrian.. the moment he asked me where i was, it suddenly stuck me that i had the gathering lol... luckily pacey wanted to get his cam so shamir drove by the pgp terminal to pick me up haha..

it was good to have the gathering.. don't get to see all my friends whom i've spent the last year with that often nowadays.. and i really miss my time in philly.. >.< still, the good memories will always stay with me ^_^

me, gean and alicia~

ok! bzbz.. need to get my 12hr beauty sleep XD


Saturday, March 17, 2007

MSN sucks!! >.<

haiz.. I think I gonna stop using MSN soon.. It is frustrating me to the max!! the msn has been giving me so much problems these 2 years!! if it wasn't for the cute emos i could use when chatting, i wouldn't want to use a program that has tonnes of bugs that never seem to get fixed.. msn crashing all the time, hanging in the middle of a conversation; messages that never ever get sent across to the other party, constant laggings that cause "no chats" for as long as 20mins and suddenly a long pile of messages that appear from the same person in a split second as the "instant" message finally gets sent across.. >.< and not to forget, occasional "impossibility to sign in at all".. i can try signing in for a few hours while i check my gmail or surf the net but my msn never signs in.. troubleshoot never works, it just keep saying that there may be no internet connection.. bah... yah, i can download youtube clips to watch without using the net huh?

don't say that my comp is slow or that the internet is slow.. firstly, i had this problem in my old comp, and now in my new comp, and... my JUST REFORMATTED comp.. internet problem? perhaps... blame the school.. lol.. but then again, i can still surf the net while my msn crashes.. soo... something is wrong with MSN!! RAWR..

friends.. start using google talk... that's so much more reliable..

Friday, March 09, 2007

Weirdos run amok!

Yesterday me and alvin went to watch the movie 300. It is one of the best movies i've seen so far.. the cinematography is simply amazing, all the fights were simply superb.. but my blog post isn't about the movie.. it was the experience we had when we went to cathay cineplex..

we reached cineleisure about 11.30 and we went to grab some brunch at BK, me and my bf's favourite fast food chain.. Mushroom swiss!! mmmmm... it was really crazy actually because the whole cineplex was filled with students.. they look like year 1 RJC students having their orientation because they were all wearing orientation tees with shorts from different high schools.. and a huge bunch of them were queuing at BK.. i was pretty paranoid at that time because our show was starting at noon and we only had half an hour to buy and eat! i was jittery because i was already half expecting them to gang up together to bully me by asking their friends to help them buy, so i'll forever end up as the last person in queue.. but the next thing that happened really impressed me.. one guy came up to the guy in front of him and took his money from the guy queuing and said that he didn't want him to help him buy!! then he went behind me to queue!!! WHOAA... i was simply speechless.. i really wanted to praise him lah, but a little paiseh so i kept quiet.. but seriously, i kinda proud of that guy ^_^

HAHA, ok, so i tricked you.. i wasn't trying to say that these students were weirdos! the real weirdo came into the pic a moment later...

the moment we settled down with the food to eat, this young guy in a white striped shirt and jeans came over (walking like ah beng, with super big hand swings) and sat down at the table beside ours.. we didn't think much of it and just continued munching our brunch and watching movie trailers on the TV in front of us.. but then i started feeling the creeps and when i looked over, i realized that that guy just kept staring at me!! >.< i told my bf about it and he turned to look at that guy, and that guy saw and turned away.. but a while later when my bf wasn't looking, he continued to stare at me again... T_T eww... we quickly finished our meal and left, walking towards the lift up to the cinema... we pressed the lift button to go up and waited for one to be available.. the moment the lift door opened, that young guy suddenly appeared behind us and entered the lift together with us!!! AHHHH... the 3 of us inside the lift.... =X lucky i was with alvin, made me feel so much safer.. lucky he went to a different level from us.. we quickly rushed to the theatre to watch our movie 300, at the same time discussing about the crazy guy haha..

after watching the movie, me and alvin had to rush back to sch because we still had lessons in the afternoon.. we walked to the busstop opp cineleisure to go back.. while waiting for the bus to come, THE GUY POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMG... this time i was really paranoid... where in the world did this guy come from???!!! is he following us???

he sat down further down the busstop than us, so by right we could actually observe him while looking out for our bus.... but that guy was really really weird... he kept turning around to look at our side.. like the bus gonna come in the opposite direction by reversing or something.. BUT... THAT'S NOT THE CREEPIEST THING!!! when that guy turned his head, he did it so quickly like his head was gonna snap... he was actually trying to catch us looking at him.. so he kept "snapping" his head over every 1 or 2 seconds to look in our direction that it made him look like he was having a spasm... -.-""

me and alvin had a strategy.. that was when our bus came, we would pretend that we didn't want to take the bus until the last minute.. so that if we went to take the bus and then he tries to take it too, it would be an obvious sign that he was trying to follow us.. and so we tried it.. when the bus came.. other people flagged down the bus, we continued sitting there.. until the door opened liao then we quickly walked over to board the bus.. and.. the guy didn't follow suit!! YAY!!!

on the way back to school on the bus, me and alvin had a great time laughing about it and imitating the way he kept turning back to "catch" us haha.. okok.. we're evil too =p

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Disappointed.. Sianz..

Haiz.. After watching the last episode of hana kimi on monday morning.. i felt sooooo disappointed.. The ending sucked sooooooooooooo bad.. They even stopped acting in the last episode.. talking to the audience watching them.. They think what? Variety show ar? >.< They have just officially lost a Fan.. I am NOT going to buy the DVDs for keepsake anymore.. why waste $$? each volume costs $17.90 and there are 3.. so $53.70 in total lor.. pls.. not worth it at all!!

I am starting to fret... it's already march and i... haven't started on my FYP!!! lol.. wad a slacker.. feeling guilty.. but i also feel a little helpless lar.. was supposed to follow up the work of this girl, but that girl who was supposed to pass me her thesis never did so.. and when i bugged her for it, she told me that her comp crashed and will not be able to give it to me anymore.. what a coincidence... zzz... so now.. i have to settle on someone else's work instead.. and.. i'm not too sure what i'm supposed to do already =/

There's the issue of filing tax.. US tax for my job i had in philly.. hmm... i dun understand how i should do it!! argh.. seems so easy to fill in the form, yet i dunno what to write!! LOL.. i need help! HELPPP~~~~~!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feb events!!

My 23rd Birthday Celebration:

went to bottle tree park for lunch with my family :)
ate lobster yee mee, fish, beef, veg =p

Bottle Tree Park at Kranji

yummy dishes, esp the lobster! XD

other than celebrating with my family, i also celebrated with my darling~ (DUH.. hehe)

as usual, he brought me out to eat!! went to crystal jade for dim sum lunch and then to the famous fried fish bee hoon stall in bugis for dinner ^_^ the kewl thing about both meals were that we met celebrities!! met Chen Han Wei at crystal jade with his family (aiyo.. V-day no gf ar? =p) then met the beijing 101 girl at the bugis stall.. forgot her name though haha.. but at least i spent my birthday meals with celebs! haha..

my casanovic darling~ =p

crystal jade roast suckling pig!! yum yum! ^_^

yummy dim sum dishes =)

my pretty pink pencil case birthday present from dear XD

Chingay 2007 LIVE!:

thanks to my bro who works as a news broadcast journalist on Power 98 (he reports news on the radio on many days of the week! tune in to listen!! ^_^), he got 2 VIP tickets to go watch chingay live!! even better seats than people who pay $45 for each ticket to watch!! haha.. perks for working in the media industry huh? =p me and my mum went and we sat at the prime spot opposite SM LKY, President SR Nathan and other pominent figures!! hee~ just sitting at the prime spot allowed us to watch the prime action! fireworks, fire crackers, celeb appearance and performances etc that other sections (non-VIP seats) down the road couldn't see..

Michelle Chia and Brian Wong as MC (check out his AA red shoes lol)

spot the ministers of parliment!

Gurmit Singh dancing with the performers

me and mummy enjoying the parade ^_^

hee~ i think Feb is soooo exciting for me haa...