Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas gathering with my sec school buddies! ^_^

It has been more than 5 years since i graduated from secondary school, but me and my buddies have never once failed our tradition of getting together for christmas every year! I'm really happy that I've gotten to know this bunch of friends! They are friends of a lifetime ^_^

it started off with me inviting all my friends over to my house for xmas, then came kiat hoe who took over me haha..

this year we held it at melvin's house instead; somewhere new for a change... but they still needed the xmas tree from me hahahaha..

my xmas tree hee~

this year, instead of the turkey and candlelight dinner which i usually hold at my house, we had potluck instead haha... each of us brought some food over. i dun mind, really!! LOCAL FOOD for me!! wahahahahaha... yum yum! ^_^

look who turned up for the gathering with me! =p

my RSS gal pals!

me and sim thong

me and gui ying

me and hui yeng

me and shereen

me and kiat hoe! ^_^

me and dear~

me and my xmas tree LOL

this year's xmas celebration was very special.. we had our own live band and karaOK! hahaha..

my multi-talented friends! :D

the whole gang of us ^_^

merry christmas 2006! :D

no words can describe how happy i am to be able to celebrate xmas with them every year :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy 2 year Anniversary darling~ ^_^

How time flies!! Me and darling Alvin have been together for 2 years!! I flew back all the way from the states to celebrate this important event of the year! 22nd December ^_^ Hee.. But I had him to plan the whole day's activities! hahaha..

where r u bringing me?? >.<

First up was lunch! He brought me to this super great place to eat JAPENESE FOOD!!! MUAHAHAHA... i so miss jap food man!! the jap food in the states is SO EX! >.<

California roll dear? :)

Unagi with fried beancurd!! yum!!!!

this dish is simply so delicious.. so yummy that no words can describe T_T

soft shell crab~~ *salivates~

another one of my favourites! ^_^ the crab is nicely fried, and the crust is loose yet crispy~ (song1 cui4) mmmmmmm..

another soft shell crab dish! :D

this dish is called spider monkey or something haha.. the soft shell crab rolled into sushi with fish roe on top!! yum yum!! =p

highlight of the meal! LOBSTER!!

muahahahahahaha... MUAHAHAHAHA... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

and guess who i met at this ulu place??

Timothy and his gf!!! whoaaaaaaaa!!! super small world!! i just saw him the day before lor lol.. i just couldn't believe my eyes man!! that jap restaurant is really super ulu!! at ulu pandan rd! lol.. no lar.. it's at lock road, near depot road =p but the place is all the way hidden in the jungle 1 de wahahahaha...

that was a great jap lunch! and double date haha...

next up was to VIVO CITY!! the newly opened shopping mall muahahahaha~~

my bf sure knows how to make my day!! shopping!! hehe~ and we also went to buy tickets to watch the movie "curse of the golden flower" starring JAY CHOU!! wohoo!! i've been wanting to watch that show for eons!! XD cinematic effect was sooo good.. although the story line really quite crappy.. not much depth..

went around taking xmas pics hehe~

next up was.... DINNER!! wahahahaha...

actually he wanted to bring me to this place to sit some balloon haha.. but it was closed! >.< and we decided to go look for black pepper crab to eat.. and... we bumped into this store by chance!!

famous fried fish bee hoon!!!

this store apparantly is very famous.. got loads of newspaper cuttings and pics with celebrities haha.. wun tell u guys where.. whoever wants to eat must ask me along!! then i'll show u where hehehehehe~~

n not to forget.. this bee hoon was HEAVEN~ soup was so tasty!! fish so yummy!! yum yum yum!!! :D

and it comes with HOT HOT chilli padi!! wohoo!!!

sambal kangkong!! super delicious too!! ^_^

super sweet coconut juice! super tender sweet meat too! :D

after that we went to bugis to shop some more lol... oops! exposed lol.. but u still can't find the store without me! hehe~

pretty diamond xmas tree by sookee! *blink blink!!*

pretty ladybug!

there.. i knew it! he really loves me hahaha XD

Happy 2 year Anniversary dear~

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Graduation Pics!

Finally I've uploaded all my graduation pics! took me so long! hahaha..

And we're on the papers in SingTao Chinese Papers in Philadelphia!! ^_^

Click on the picture to enlarge and read about it :)

My boss, David Anderson and supervisor, Godfrey Nazareth from my company, Gentis

The ONLY girls in my batch and Gean! T_T

So sad right? only 3 of us in my batch!! So lesbian deprived! =X I mean girl deprived haha..

Me and my roomie, Charmaine ^_^

Me and Alicia in the toilet haha..

My group leader, Andy! ^_^


The most professional group!! got overall first in class for the business plan!! yeah! haha.. Credits to TIMOTHY, Andy and Wanye! (ok Tim, I didn't forget ur name this time hee~)

Pacey and his gay moments with Wayne haha..


housemate guys

me and charmaine sharing a plate of crab pad thai~

Weijie and Shamir caught in the act! lol..

Pacey and Law!

Tsk tsk!! Pacey you got so many gay partners still wan steal my bf! >.<

Me and Gean

me and alicia and an intruder haha..

intruder trying to jump into the pic haa..

haha.. i had so much fun ^_^
Will miss everyone of you!!!