Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Thursday, February 22, 2007


i just found out that 吳尊 is actually the same age as my brother lol.. n on top of that... he graduated in the same university as my bro lah!! RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia!!! OMG!!! God knows if i saw him during my brother's graduation =X he graduated with a BA in Business.. ooo... he was talent scouted during a travel trip to taiwan haha.. he joined the boyband Fahrenheit. he still doesn't look like the boy band sort to me lah.. but haha.. none of my business..

Hana Kimi

okok, i've been MIA for quite some time haha.. had been a real hana-kimi (花样少年少女) addict these few days!! argh!! haven't done any work die!! lol.. hadn't had this kinda addiction for quite some time. i still remember that last time i was crazy over winter sonata.. watched it like 20x and still cried every single time i watched it.. people say it's draggy lah, but i still like it! so romantic!! hehe.. my bf calls me a crazy fan like his sister lol.. but i feel that this time is very different!! in the past when i was addicted to winter sonata, i always felt that bae yong jun was very ugly, only growing to like him because the show was so touching.. so was meterior garden.. the F4 really damn ugly and cannot act lah.. so fake.. but i still liked the show haha... but this time is different... this time for once, the guy lead is damn CUTE lah!! wah... *gleams* check out this pic:


cute right? got this pic off the net haha.. have been watching the whole series on you tube.. but up till now only can watch until episode 13, the speed at which taiwan is showing. in fact i finished the whole 13 episodes in 1 breath.. i could never control waiting haha each episode was 70mins, so i tonned the whole night to watch and finished it at 7plus am in the morning lol.. the show very touching lah, reminds me of how cute my bf is too! hehe..

the story is about this girl, Ruixi, who saw this high jump guy, Quan, on tv and got inspired to slim down. after she slimmed down, she decided to go find him and see him jump for real.. she flew from America all the way to taiwan.. and disguised herself as a guy and studied in yingkai, a boys school where Quan was studying in. but her disguise got seen through by Quan almost at the start. unsure why she disguised herself, he decided not to expose her and find out. but very soon he started developing feelings for her as he had this urge to always protect her from harm. when Ruixi came, he had actually stopped high jump.. but he didn't realise how Ruixi had such a big impact on him, how she had inspired him to climb out of his own fears and start high jump again..

because i couldn't finish watching the whole series, i tried to go buy the VCDs.. unfortunately they haven't released the whole show!! T_T now only has part 1 and 2 that consist of episodes 1 to 10 lah.. even slower than what i can watch on you tube haha.. but i'll still buy the whole set once they are out.. ^_^

Tank - 专属天使 MV (Hana Kimi 花样少年少女 OST)

there's many things i need to blog about, but mebbe another time cos i forgot to bring my camera home!! all my pics still inside lol.. will blog about them when i get back in hall.

oh no!! this sat i going for chingay!! no camera T_T got VIP tickets from my bro hee.. he works for Power 98 as a news broadcaster.. so can hear him report news almost everyday at every hour ^_^ he got the tics from 1 of his clients =p

ok, i gonna go watch the show again lol.. watch 20x can still get touched and cry de.. wahahaha... *zooms off~*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to all and Happy birthday to me!! ^_^

ok, it's gonna be my birthday in just a couple of minutes!! yay!! although people always say i sway to have my birthday on v dae cos bf can take advantage and just gimme 1 present.. UNFORTUNATELY for my bf, not so easy hahahaha... no lah just kidding.. of cos wan 2 presents, but the price doesn't matter u see.. so long as the gift is sincere i'd be more than happy, or even touched, dependent on how the gift was obtained.. for my first v dae with my darling, he gave me a huge bottle of saga seeds (aka love seeds), nicely picked up and cleaned by him.. i can swoon over that hahaha..

people ask us how come we've been together for so long le yet we're still like new couples, super lovy dovy and mushy ahahahaha.. well, i guess it's just a great match. both of us are just so attention seekers and demand lotsa love and time from each other.. so we just end up being together all the time and yet not feel that there's a need for "space". we're just too in love with each other.. crazily madly in love~ XD

oh no.. got distracted n now's my birthday already wahahaha.. gonna go out! =p update on the date later.. OR NOT! hee.. (privacy lah..)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Class gathering

just had a class gathering with my sec sch buddies yesterday at JP.. so biased! most of them in NTU so make me go down haha.. but i dun mind lah, JP big shopping center to shop!! hahahahahaha...

at first i thought that it was a feb babies birthday celebration, in the end, kiat hoe asked the feb babies to treat the rest -.-" lol... but he joking lah =p

me and my sec sch buddies~ ^_^

we ended up having our dinner at KFC.. (not i pick 1 k? hehe) cos cheap and good hahaha.. we had a great time chit chatting.. we girls just talk about finding jobs while the guys talk about how they are overloading modules lol... can't blame since we're different years in uni haha..

very good to see new faces this time for gathering.. first time gim onn join us haha.. he's always working when we have gatherings!! we also saw a very new face, mingen's gf!! wohoo!! someone attached! =p congrats!! ^_^ so happy to see u 2 so loving, reminds me of me n my bf ahahahahahaha...

but then clement also very funny, keep bugging the both of them cos he trying to woo a girl.. need to learn some courting skills hehe.. clement jia you!! hope u have a great date on my birthday! =p

too bad we didn't have a whole group shot =X nvm, we're gonna have another real feb birthday celebration in 2 weeks time hor? ^_^ cya guys again soon! =)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

summary haha..

today i've finally bought a new printer.. phew... have been crazy trying to print my notes these couple of weeks without one in my room.. haiz.. spent another $85 bucks just like that.. and i need to find more ink cartridge for this already cos they only provide half a cartridge of ink T_T if only i can use the ink cartridges of my old printers =/

PGP now damn noisy... they having party or something.. bollywood music blasting at the podium and everyone is screaming -.-" now i feel like i'm back in hall again.. -.-""

right now i really can't wait for my NOC biz case presentation to be over... i'm so damn stressed becos i know so well i gonna do badly... i've got no data from my company and zero knowledge of finance.. how can i compete with everyone else who:
1. are good at writing
2. have their bosses who provide them with everything while i have absolutely nothing
3. have zero finance background and in no way be able to compete with finance students who douglas loves...


oh well.. if he marks with bell curve i'm damn sure i gonna secure the bottom.. bah... *dreams shattered...* why should i even bother studying now?? no point since i obviously won't make a difference in my degree when i grad.. no way i can push up my CAP..


Mon 5th Feb
met up with alicia on mon.. i finally got my pretty birkenstock sandals!!! YAY!!! so happy!! they are shoooo pwetty~ =D *blink blink* diamond studded buckle sandals ^_^


Sunday 4th Feb
met up with the chestnutties pacey, weijia and adrian for dim sum buffet at dragon gate restaurant at harbourfront center to celebrate the feb babies birthday.. ME!!!! and pacey and tim (although tim didn't turn up).. super ulu place lah haha.. beside the carpark away from the shopping mall de... lucky got adrian to bring us there =p thanks bro! unfortunately.. pacey haven't passed us the photos yet so i can't upload it!! >.< PACEY~~ send us the pics!! =p


Fri 2nd Feb
finally got to meet up with ulric! one of my best pals in JC ^_^
felt really good to see him after all these years.. he's still the same.. mean as ever hahahahahaha... but i'm quite proud of him lah.. always though that he was a slacker and wouldnt study hard if he goes to Australia.. but he proved me wrong!! he did pretty well there haha ^_^ he's doing double major in University of Queensland i think.. LAW and ACCOUNTING!! and he has ambitions that will bring him far, good for him! =)

see how self-centered he is lol.. lucky my small face can squeeze in at the side hahahaha...

later that day, me and my darling went for a romantic night out... to school to watch KE7 hall play hahahahaha.. it's called letters from the frontline, a theatrical play, but not a musical. but it was pretty good, very funny haha.. had quite a good laugh. good job! ^_^ much better than last year's.. =X but i guess the best was still Romeo Loves Juliet which Pacey had directed.. Pacey really did a fantastic job training the cast to sing.. musicals are really difficult! not only do u need to act, you need to sing and remember every single lyric of all the songs!! good job pacey!!!! =D

me and my darling at UCC~ muacks!! ^_^

Friday, February 02, 2007


Valentine's day is coming.. yes, it's my birthday!! my 23rd birthday!! T_T i wonder if i should be happy or sad... i still feel like imma baby.. yet i'm already getting old! T_T i still remember last time how i yearned to be 21.. always had loads of fantasy of getting a car key for my 21st birthday haha.. then i'd feel like an adult! hahaha.. oh well.. but i did get a key though, it was a gold key pendant from my mum. that was real sweet of her... and now time flies so quickly and i gonna be 23.... boo hoo hoo~~

last time when i was in sec sch, i used to organise my own birthday parties and invite the whole class, but nowadays not really possible to get people on such a special occasion huh? hehe.. but really need to thank weijia for organising a feb babies celebration, really love gatherings.. can tok cock and laugh once in a while.. see how everyone is doing etc.. but i wonder how many are willing to turn up :/ well, at the very least, i know that there will always be me, pacey, weijia and adrian who will definitely turn up hor? ^_^

hmmm... i'm salivating already.. been discussing about where to eat during the gathering and all the places they mentioned sounds so appetizing hahahaha...

received a call from an old pal.. it was a pleasant surprise.. talked to her for 2hrs on the phone haha.. last time in jc she used to be called "gou gou" cos she loves dogs while i was called "meow meow" cos i love cats and of cos bcos i am cat! hahaha.. missed all the old times together... hope we can meet up soon! together with gar gar another close pal hehe..