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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Witness to a horrific event -- Case of the sleeping SMRT employees

On my way back from school today, I took the mrt from bouna vista heading towards jurong east as usual. when it reached clementi mrt station, a family tried to board the train near where i was standing. from my view, i only saw this little boy who came into the train first, and then he tried to pull the pram that his mother was pushing in. only a few seconds after the door opened, the alarm sound for the closing door had already started.

usually when this happens i won't really think much of it, as i had always assumed that the door would only close when all the passengers have cleared away from the door. my assumptions are not without basis.. sometimes even after the alarm sound has ended but because of the huge crowd that's still trying to get in, the door would not close until they are in. and sometimes even if the door does try to close in on the incoming passengers before they are all in, the door would open again..

ok, back to where i left off just now.. the little boy was trying to pull the pram in when the alarm sounded, but the pram got a little stuck at the gap between the platform of the station and the train and caused them to take a like 2 seconds before they could unjam it and enter the train. by that time, the alarm had finished sounding and the door started closing, but only the front two wheels of the pram had entered the train. in a move not to crush the pram, the mother pulled the pram out and the door closed in between them, separating the boy from his mother. i was half expecting that the door to open again as it usually would because other than that family, there were still a couple of passengers who hadn't gotten in. but i was so wrong..

the next few moments were really like a blur because the moment the door closed, the train had started moving already (unlike most time where there would be at least a 1 to 2 seconds buffer after the door closes b4 the train starts to move). the boy panicked and started banging on the door and screaming and crying, and the mother too tried to wave frantically to the train driver at the front to stop the train. but neither the train driver nor the dozens of security cameras surveying the train platform saw the mother's desperate cries and waving. the train never looked back and continued its way to the next station. because the thing happened so fast b4 i could even react, i didnt think of taking a pic to send to stomp. my first instinct was actually to press the emergency button but i was too far away.

a couple of friendly commuters went up to the crying boy to pacify him and another old man who was standing at the door had his hand on the emergency button. i thought he was going to talk to the driver, but he decided not to in the end.. luckily i wasn't standing at his position as i was already mortified by the whole incident and was ready to give the train driver an earful from me.

after i went home, i told my mum about the incident and almost started quarreling with her because she insisted that it was solely the mother's fault. she told me that the mrt drivers will not be able to see the passengers and so commuters should rely on the alarm sound and enter the train before it ends. i see her point and agree that she has some valid points, but i definitely hope that this is really not the case!! if that is true, it would mean that none of these SMRT officials actually do care about whether passengers do get in n out of the train at all, all they do is open door, close door, start train, and stop train at fixed intervals.. and this would just spell the serious shortcomings of the public transportation in singapore and definitely require some critical review of the safety policies they have in place. otherwise i would just opt for full automation.... -.-"

on the other hand, i do seriously hope that this was an isolated event with a few unalert SMRT personnels to be held responsible, or else this would just mean much danger for elderly and disabled who are slow in getting onto or alighting the train. in addition, it would also mean more frustrating mrt experience for everyone as everyone frantically tries to board or alight before the alarm sound ends.

did i mention that the alarm often starts sounding a second after the door opens?


I have already taken down the time of the incident (1.40pm), the train number (2226) and the door number (B2) for the train heading towards Jurong east from clementi. I'd like to do a poll here on what you all think i should do:

A: just keep this as a blog post
B: write a complaint to SMRT
C: write to STOMP in the straits times or broadcast media
D: all of the above

Give me some feedback! =p

Monday, September 24, 2007

Chestnutties "foursome" lunch

Haha, don't get me wrong like weijia did.. I meant it in an innocent way cos gatherings are almost always just the four of us!! But i guess 4 is a good number.. just nice the number of seats of a normal table, and it's more of a crowd than just 2, and an even number for chats ^_^

We met up for lunch on friday at biz canteen.. seems like that's the time when all of us are free! And i agree with pacey.. biz canteen is definitely one of the better canteens in school.. Sci canteen is boring, the newly revamped arts canteen is horrible, engin canteen gets overcrowded due to the arts ppl switching there to eat instead and that leaves us with biz canteen haha.. biz canteen also has one of the more exotic food choices.. with middle eastern food, Vietnamese food, china chinese food on top of the usual variety. With pacey around, the viet food is the best choice since he can recommend us all the best dishes that they have ^_^ i ordered the beef pho as usual, but also added a lot of extra chilli powder haha.. yum~~~ =D

unfortunately, all of us forgot to bring our cams.. and pacey didn't want to bring his bulky cyclops so we ended up taking the pic with adrian's phone camera lol..

The Chestnutties "foursome" =p

it's great getting back together and see how each of us are doing.. although the results show that none of us have changed.. weijia's still as smart as usual.. ditto to pacey's comment, weijia's getting overqualified for most guys =X too tall, too smart, too pretty =p adrian's still obssessed with mugging and girls, and still gaining muscle mass XD pacey's still amazing us with all his new creations like his home made tee with his own logo that he painted and all his blunt yet true remarks haha.. as for me, i'm still the cute little chilli padi crazy over my darling.. right?? wahahahaha.. kk fine.. thick skin too =X

Sunday, September 16, 2007

School on sunday

gee.. why did i go to school on sunday?? cos i have LAB!! awtz lol.. that's what FYP is all about.. u're controlled by the demands of the experiments u do haha.. oh well.. anyway, i finally got my EZ link card activated and went to buy the concession pass just now.. guess i'm too used to hall life.. never did realize that me staying at home and traveling to school everyday would cost so much!! i top up $20 about twice a week -.-" now with my mrt concession, i can have up to 4 mrt rides a day for $45 a month! ^_^

i only bought the mrt concession cos the bus concession is totally not worth it.. cost $52 and i only take bus 95 to school.. if i had a choice, i'd never want to take the horrid bus 95.. with a frequency of 20mins per bus and a huge mob of students needing to take it, by the time it reaches bouna vista mrt station or at the SOC busstop, no 1 can get up the bus.. then it will be 40mins wait for those who cant get up -.-"" SBS seriously needs some improvement =/ nvm, just tahan 2.5mths more n i dun need to depend on bus 95 for the rest of my life!! wahaha..

on my way back home from school, i saw this 3 teenage girls with one of the girl wearing this super skimpy hot shorts.. it was the shape and SIZE of a boy-brief PANTIES.. actually i should correct myself.. it was a SMALLER size than normal underwear.. it was really so tight it cut into her flesh!! =X tsk tsk.. this is the 2nd time i see some1 wearing this range of new "underwear" out in public.. sooner or later, these girls will start wearing bikinis running amok in public instead of being confined to just the beach and pools.. i can see adrian drooling and waiting in anticipation haha.. ok, i'm kidding =p

bah! can never enjoy fresh air at home.. the moment i open my windows, cigarette smoke will permeate into my room.. i bet it's from my neighbour downstairs -.-" smoke so much everyday.. can only open my windows after 1am at night when he goes to sleep T_T nvm la, enjoy air-con and wear jacket rofl...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


wow.. when was the last time i blogged? rofl.. actually because of the stupid previous incident (see prev post) i had been so terribly busy trying to sort things out.. there's actually a hedious 2nd episode of the matric card saga.. but it being over so long ago, i shall just write a brief summary:

after i went to comp center to get my card activated, i assumed that it would take about a day to get the card working so i didnt think much when i couldnt get into lab the day itself. but when i tried again and again everyday when i went back to lab, i still couldnt get in.. so i went back to comp center and asked them what was wrong.. they said nothing was wrong and that my card was active.. then i thought that perhaps i needed to get the lab to reactivate my access to the lab itself. then my lab supervisor also went through a lot of trouble to help me see what was wrong but couldnt detect any even after reactivation access.. so i called up comp center again and the people just passed the phone around to different ppl until a lady finally accepted the responsibility of listening to me.. but all she could offer was that she would go check it up and would get back to me the same day.. so i went to do my lab.. when i finally finished at 6, there was still no call from comp center.. so i called them up again.. and guess what?


wow.. by that time i was livid.. i was already going crazy being unable to access the lab to do my very important cell culture and now i was faced with such extreme irresponsibility from these incompetent people who can't care less what happened to you.. the guy who picked up my call at that time was a poor soul.. cos after he told me that that lady went home, he really got an earful from me hahahahaha.. and i forced him to take up my case.. apprantly, some UNIDENTIFIED jerk had not updated the system.. so although my card was active, the school system did not register that...


No wonder they were so happily pushing me away and saying that nothing was wrong with my card.... -.-" no one did bother to do a through job huh? i wonder how they were trained -.-" (however, i'm not really sure who was actually supposed to update the system.. perhaps it could be the guy from registrar's office who was supposed to give me the activation code in the first place? and me approaching some1 from OSA to talk to him about the matter made him do a sloppy job? O_O =X ok, i'm just speculating.. but whoever was in charge, he or she is incompetent.. period.)

but ok, in the end, that poor soul had to clean up the dirty job left behind by his terrible colleagues.. and i forced him to get it done that night =X (YES, IT DOESN'T TAKE A MONTH TO DO IT!!!) and so finally, i can go to lab in PEACE ^_^ what could have been done in 1 day or less took me more than a month to settle..

and you know what's next?? MY EZ-LINK CARD IS EXPIRED TOO!!!! and now.. they say they will need 10 working days to get back to me... WOW... are they really that dumb to take 10 days to reply me an email? 10 days is almost up.. i gonna get back to them soon cos i dun think they can get it done within 10days as they promised.. just look at how happy i am to study in NUS right now... sorry, i'm really venting my month's worth of frustration haha..




yay~ i'm going to Japan next month!! Novartis came to NUS to promote a bio leadership camp that will be held in Japan. They only had 2 spots for singapore and I was one of the selected ones!!! wohoo!!! gonna meet lotsa people from all over the world at the camp, especially key industrial leaders haha.. and there will be many students like me from diff countries too!! network network!! ^_^ Novartis seems like a really great company. The people I met from Novartis are so nice!! Hopefully i get an opportunity to work there when i grad =p