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Friday, September 22, 2006

shopping shopping shopping!!

ok, this is a little late haha.. have been too busy to blog recently..

anyway i went shopping with Charmaine at King of Prussia mall 2 weeks ago n then with my housemates and Gean to Woodburry a few days ago hehe.. here are some items i got.

Hollister top!! American style~ ^_^

i love the hollister top. although it looks just like a simple spec strap, i think it is really American style. and of course.. it's HOLLISTER!! just like Abercrombie and Fitch.. true American brands n u cannot get it in SG!! XD
PS: i look really good in it lol..

A/X top!! super duper nice lah!! i love it man!! :D

Got this A/X top for just $14.99!!! kewl~ a real steal from Woodburry haha.. and i think it is very pretty lor.. like the design/cutting, the material and the brand!! hahahaha.. PS: i look really good in this too!! XD

DKNY watch!! very pretty too!! :P

this is my favourite.. I simply love watches that are square and have gems in them lah.. this watch is sooooooo classy!!! and i got it for just USD$29.90!! and kaian bought the exact same one in SG for SGD$250!!!! haha.. i feel even better about this watch already. Gean got the same one as me too! We've got good taste right Gean? ^_^

I bought some other stuffs as well lah, feel free to go to my online album to check out the rest of my steals.. spent only $100 for so many branded goods!! :P *grins*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

home sweet home

i was so upset yesterday, after finding out that i was the only 1 kicked out of my house's group for my EAS 446. the rest of my house will be doing the project together. i got into my 2nd choice group though, with kaian.. but the prob is alicia did not get into the group with him!! i was so upset lah.. cried to my bf for a while.. lucky charmaine was there.. she distracted me by online shopping!! haha.. had a great time shopping online for the rest of the night.. so kewl to have charmaine around. we wear the same size clothes n all so we can always share our clothes! and the best thing of all is that we have the same taste!! i can't even keep track of the number of items that we have IDENTICAL!! lol.. we just keep choosing the same kind of clothes haha..

anyway today seems better.. i just received an email from my boss.. he approved me to stop work on Dec 15 already!! yay!! ^_^ i'm so looking forward to going home now! and my buddies in SG suddenly had a conference with me too, they r planning this year's xmas party~ me and my sec school friends have a tradition of celebrating xmas together every year. this year we may be planning an overseas 1 hee~ mebbe KL or something.. kewl!! but of course.. my main priority is to get back to celebrate my annivasary with my bf. i miss him so dearly!!

haha.. so many things to look forward to!! see all my friends, family n bf~ n not to forget, SG food!! hahaha..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Frat Party~

I can't believe that i actually went for a Frat Party!! Actually i wasn't the least bit interested at first, but deliang all super hyped up about it.. saying that this is once in a lifetime thing.. may never get to experience this once you get outta school haha.. actually i didn't even know what a frat party was until they told me. it's like a party organized by youngsters and held in their houses. super American culture!! seems really interesting lah... but.. i was still pretty reluctant to go haha.. got too much work to do! >.< n i wasn't really keen on the smoke n alcohol haha.. i also wasn't sure how wild it would get! but in the end, everyone in the house decided to go, n charmaine pleaded me to go with her also.. so i gave in in the end haha.. oh well, once in a lifetime mah hee~

the party was just a street and a half away from my house, beside estee's house actually haha.. we went too early lah! there were just the organizers and us lol.. but the crowd grew pretty quickly and the whole place became super crowded! the bash/disco was held in the basement of the house. they had put up the disco lights n music there. at first we thought that the party was pretty boring.. just like a normal clubbing session but worse.. pathetic basement hahaha!! n the basement was so small lah! the ceiling was so low i could touch it lor lol.. but later on we just enjoyed ourselves dancing. i was dancing with charmaine most of the time while the guys surrounded us to protect us hehe~ there was once when i wasn't at the center dancing and there was this irritating guy who tried to get fresh with me by dancing very near me n used his butt to hit mine!!!! ROAR!!! i immediately told adrian and swapped place with him.. in the end that guy was bouncing his butt on adrians LOL.. n when he turned around n realised that it wasn't me but adrian i think he kinda freaked out n quickly squeezed through the crowd away ROFL!! thanks a million adrian :D

the party was ok lah, but there was a few couples who were really sleezy.. hugging n touching while dancing. there was even a couple who stripped. the guy took off the girl's shirt and she took off his.. LOL.. AMERICAN CULTURE.. but i was so blur.. even after pacey told me i only saw that the guy was topless.. i didn't realise that the girl had her top off too haha..

even later on during the party.. the irritating guy came back n tried again.. but he knew that i wasn't interested so he went for charmaine instead. the basement was really crowded and charmaine had no where to run n he just forced danced with her.. poor charmaine! >.< i was leaving that time with pacey but i asked adrian to help get that guy off charmaine. and adrian did save charmaine! ^_^

anyway, it's good that i left early.. really hate the smoke n crowdedness haha.. n i got to use the toilet first hehe.. but now i got a new pile of smoke infested clothes to wash!! boohoohoo~ T_T

Friday, September 08, 2006

Log Cabin Video

adrian just did a great job sticking the numerous video clips into 1 nice long video. here it is! ^_^

imma dork!!

humpf.. i look like a dork..

but i still think adrian is stupid LOL..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Smoky Mountains II

Yay~~ got all the pics from the rest at last! ^_^

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Smoky Mountains!!

Hi Y'all!

Say Smokie~~

I'm back from the Great Smoky Mountains!! I had so much fun i really didn't want to come back haha.. 5 of us went for the tour. Me, Deliang, Estee, Adrian and Shamir. Our flight there was sooo cool, the plane that we took was so tiny lor, only got 3 seats per row haha.. last time the smallest plane i took at least had 3 seats on each side or 6 seats per row hee~ People here in South America really have the Southern accent, cowboys and cowgirls everywhere haha.. Sometimes we really can't understand what they are saying man lol.. but it was really interesting to meet these ppl hehe..

our mini jet plane :D

We rented a very pretty log cabin in Tennessee, TN. It was really so exciting lah!! Log cabin leh!! the log cabin got 3 levels somemore.. inside got hot tub, jacuzzi, pool table, soccer table, 2 living rooms, 3 TVs (one of which was a large flat screen TV! :p), an extremely well furnished kitchen with all the Hi-tech appliances and utensils you need!! wohoo!! i took a video of the whole cabin, but they are split up into many clips. i'll just put up 1 here, view the rest via the links ^_^

our pretty log cabin! :D

1st clip of log cabin

Log Cabin Movie
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8

looking toot while playing pool >.<

the cabin was damn shiok lah, we can actually have loads of fun just staying in the cabin lor, so many things we can do!! there were even DVDs there. We watched the movie 8 seconds on our last day of our tour :)

Smoky Mountains!! ^_^

Right now is summer, which is actually the off peak season. The peak season is in Fall because that's when the mountain is really smoky haha.. I think we were super lucky. The weather was very cool and cloudy with occasional rain (but it always only rained when we were either indoors or in the car :p ). As a result, we really got to experience the smokiness of smoky mountains without the hassle of peak periods! ^_^

the mountain was really smoky. during our drive up, the place was so smoky we had to really drive slowly as we could not see what was in front of us hehe.. the shots we took were those that we could see the mountains, cos some places all we can see is only the cloudy smoke, and if we took pics all you can see is smoke behind us hahahaha...

During one of our hikes, we were also very lucky to catch a sight of a black bear!! it was a baby bear i think cos it's about my size only. we were driving on a 1 lane road that time but hearing about the black bear sighting, we immediately went out of the car to go look for it! the bear was quite scared with the big crowd of us and kept running away.. thus the bear pics we took can only see a bit of it as it was pretty far away. there was a car in front of us who went to the forest to look for it as well and they just parked the car there, jamming the whole road! luckily deliang stayed in the car so the people behind were just upset with the car in front of us who jammed the road hehe~

waterfall in cades' cove

black bears saying HI! (outside flap jacks)

Our cabin was very near Gatlinburg, a small town. There were many shops and attractions, especially Ripley's.. there were the Ripley's Aquarium, the Ripley's Museum etc etc. haha.. so many diff Ripley's everywhere.. Gatlinburg is also very famous for pancakes.. everyone seems to just eat pancakes.. pancake stores were everywhere. There was a famous pancake store called Pancake Pantry which we wanted to go, but it was always super crowded, so the 2nd day we decided to try at Flap Jacks pancakes.. it turned out to be a real flop ahahaha.. they made people wait outside to create a crowd when it was totally empty at the 2nd level hahaha.. and the service was extremely slow too!! but luckily on the 3rd day, we decided to queue for the famous pancake and it turned out fantastic!! yum yum~ ^_^

adrian's exploding sex drive

caught destroying the machine with my overpowering sexiness haha..

awww.. isn't he cute? *gleams*

peabody ducks tour

On our 7.5 hours drive to Memphis, TN to visit Elvis Presley's home, Graceland, we dropped by at this place which was super famous for the duck tour. actually they just made a big hoohaa about it lah.. at first we thought that it was really a lot of ducks marching doing their daily march to the river along the crowded streets, but it turned out that it was just 5 ducks reared by this hotel that march down to the hotel pond everyday LOL.. The funniest thing was that because TN had 2 timezones, EST at the east and CEN at the west of TN, we didn't know that the time was changed while we were driving west hahaha.. In the end we were all wondering why the shops were not open and why the duck tour was taking so long to start after we crossed the border ROFL.. But we had a good laugh over it haha..

deliang after 13hrs drive..

On our way back from Memphis, we also dropped by at Nashville!! kewl~ now i can tell everyone i've been there! ^_^ there was also the famous White Castle (fast food restaurant) there!! finally got to try it!! the burger was so cute lah, so tiny, the size of my palm only haha.. will upload the pic soon when i get it from deliang :)

the trip really super shiok la, get to play lots of pool and travel to so many places, even passing by the Missisippi river and crossing the TN state to North Carolina (another state) to see the Cherokees (native Americans aka red indians)! ^_^