Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wrong way!

Everything seems to go against me this semester.. kinda sucky.. found out that pacey is going vietnam with some friends.. darn.. i wanna go too.. but no 1 else i know is going.. =/

i started the term with an aim to do well this semester and try to pull up my CAP. I am officially giving up on this idea already..

I took this USP module, Evolution, thinking that it's gonna be easy. Well, it wasn't a hard module, but it didn't give me any upper hand to others since basic bio is rusty for me and i have no specialization in biology (i'm biomedical science major). in addition, there are many year 1 life science students who just took their Biodiversity module and so everything is fresh on their minds.. zzz... ok nvm.. I worked hard for my presentation and i got an average grade.. mebbe i'm just not smart.. then my CA was also affected because I missed a class due to a stupid error by the module coordinator.. there was an error in the schedule and the profs didn't bother to change.. he mentioned that there was no class on one of the weeks and i jotted it down. but i blur blur went to check that stupid schedule and thought that I heard the lecturer wrongly!! so in the end i didn't turn up for the class and even missed a quiz..... T_T i wasn't aware that there was a quiz but i did realize i missed the class and even emailed the prof to apologize due to my blurness.. he didn't bother to reply me or lest tell me that there was a quiz and that i might wanna retake... i mean... i didn't skip the class on purpose!! bah...

with a B for my CA, there's no need for me to pia anymore.. it won't make a difference in the degree that i will be getting.. just a few hundred bucks less per month.. what's the big deal?

got this email for application of the minor in management (business).. they made new amendments that included a couple of NOC mods.. so now i can complete the minor by taking 3 more mods.. what a great deal! 3 more mods and another minor for me! it was sent like a few weeks ago.. i immediately checked the timetable, but it wasn't out yet.. and i checked the special term too! i can take one of the mods during the special term but i missed the application deadline which was in March T_T so i tried appealing.. and they told me that the special term mod is only open to BBA students... such unfeeling people.. =/

next sem if i take 5 mods plus FYP.. i'll be super Adrian.. or worse lol.. and if the mods have timetable clash.. ah damn.. forget about the minor then..

i think i'll just fulfill my lifetime dream of becoming an air stewardess haha... coffee, tea (or me)? XD last one for my bf only~ hee..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Darling's 25th Birthday~~ ^_^

Went to eat crystal jade at taka for lunch on thu with my dear.. He wanted it to be a day where he didn't need to think, so I decided on all the dishes haha.. All our favourite dishes of cos! hehe.. The auntie who served us was very motherly.. made my dear feel like grandma sayang him liddat lol.. After finishing our food, I got him a small cheesecake and even lit a candle and sang him a birthday song =p the cheesecake was superb.. lucky it was small since we both were stuffed with the sumptuous meal.. I think there was even a customer who was jealous of us being so lovey dovey haha.. kept looking at us..

After that, we went to watch the movie "Fracture" which just opened that day. My bf loves watching psychoanalytical shows.. (and he said he didn't want to think ahahahahaha..) Anthony Hopkins still look cannibalistic although he wasn't one in the show.. He's good... =X

And after that.. i went to his house to watch DVD.. hahaha.. finally got to watch "The Island" starring Ewan Megreggor and Scarlet Johansson.. I almost forgot all about that show! Wanted to watch it last time but didn't have the chance.. I didn't know the storyline so I was pretty much unaware of what was really going on (no spoilers hee..).. The show was really really cool and i'd recommend everyone to watch it man..

We had a movie marathon and still watched another show hahaha.. "The Unseeable", a Thai horror movie.. I guess nobody thought that the show was scary.. was even boring at some point.. but.... I was still scared haha, keep grabbing and squeezing my bf's arm at all the sudden horror scenes.. sometimes watching scary movies with me is good.. i make even the blandest horror show horrific =p although i have to say that i do tend to get violent when my bf bullies me and scares me when i'm transfixed to the screen in the middle of the show.. making me scream and hit him >.<

Went to AMK hub with Alvin and his family the next day to have lunch to celebrate his belated birthday.. Went to this stall that sold crab bee hoon.. super duper nice!! ^_^ Alvin's parents were very generous and bought a huge crab for us.. yum~~ but one thing that was funny was that the meat at the teeth of the pincer was extremely tiny although the teeth shell was extremely large haha.. wonder how the crab moved his pincers lol.. but there was so much meat at other areas nonetheless, and extremely juicy!! =p *salivates*

I had such a great time! Wish it's darling's birthday everyday hahaha *grins*

AMK hub has changed sooooo much!! AMK used to be my playground haha.. grew up there.. But now it's a great place for shopping!! Must find time to go walk walk there =p

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


wow.. new blogger with google haha..

anyway i'm kinda fed up with msn nowadays... i wonder if anyone else is facing the same problem as me.. even when i'm sitting beside my bf and msn-ing him (yah, i know, very wu2 liao2 right? haha), he still only receives the msg like at least 10 seconds later after i hit enter... sometimes it takes even longer for my msg to be sent across.. hmmmm.. seriously wonder if it's just my msn or everyone in NUS..

study week is soooooooo arduous.. facing the imminent exams.. yet not having the adrenaline rush needed to study for my exams >.< i feel like i can study so slow that i only finish like 1 lecture note a day =X dun ask me how i did it.. i did this for these few days ahahahahaha... ok, mebbe i need a break... go celebrate darling's birthday tmr ^_^ (excuses again!! haha)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent Activities

as i've not been updating my blog, this post shall serve as a summary =p

some pics i took during dance uncensored the other day ^_^
finally got to dress up!

a little dark, but my dear just look so cute~ XD

Mr Bean holiday movie:
went to watch Mr bean holiday movie recently with my darling.. was kinda expecting quite a lot from him haha.. he is just so funny.. but the movie was a little disappointing though.. not too much ups and downs as i hoped and the ending kinda sucked.. cos everyone just started singing together like an opera.. i'm totally against shows that don't portray a full story and instead start talking or singing to the audience.. it's just not a story anymore.. i would have preferred mr bean to have ended it by relaxing in the beach and then perhaps show how some fortuitous incidences could help him recover his losses during the show and go back home safely.. a sweet ending.. then i would go "awwwww.." and smile =p

Latest fashion?
wad's with the youngsters nowadays? i keep seeing these young punks in black skinny jeans everywhere.. the most common being the jeans with funky belt, converse shoes, and funky hair lol... should i go get a pair of black skinny jeans too? hehe..

Avocado milkshake
i've been totally addicted to avocado milkshake recently.. it is just soooo delicious!! yum yumm~~~ i've been buying it from either the engine or science canteen.. sometimes i can drink up to 3 large cups a day.. more if my bf doesn't stop me wahahaha.. i think i gonna look like an avocado soon.. =X

On TV!!

these couple of weeks i've been so caught up with my lab stuff.. growing cells is not a joke.. it's like having ur own kids.. you need commitment in order to let them grow up healthily.. if not just make sure they dun die haha.. anyway.. i'm so frustrated with lab!! argh.. my project requires me to culture my cells for 14 days before i can start working on them.. and during this 14days, i need to come back every alternate day to bathe them and feed them.. it's really tedious.. my cells are supposed to stick to the flask that i grow them in.. but i think there's some mental problem with these cells of mine.. they just dun hang on and stick properly to the wall of the container!! in the end, everytime i wash them, i tend not only to wash the gunk off them, but flush them off as well!!! zzz... it's like instead of washing dirt off you when you bathe, you yourself gets flushed down the drain lol.. so end up i keep getting less and less cell samples that i can use for my experiment! and now i need to waste another 2 weeks to get another batch so that i can start on my experiment proper.. it's soooo time consuming and tedious!! urgh..

anyway, just yesterday i was working in lab in the morning when some reporters came in to interview my prof.. it was 11am and i was rushing my experiment like mad cos i had a class at 12 noon.. in the middle of my experiment, after they finished interviewing my prof, my prof came to me and asked me for help.. he wanted me to take a scene with him supervising me on my research.. as i was spinning down my cell culture in the centrifuge, i had nothing else to do except perhaps wait for it to be done b4 i can continue on my work.. so i decided to do some bacteria sub-culturing instead for the scene. i went to the fridge to get some E. coli plates and they filmed me plating the E. coli onto new plates which were also fresh out from the fridge. usually i would need to warm and dry the plates in the warm room b4 i do streaking of bacteria, but i streaked them on the new plates just for TV sake haha..

as it was 11.30am and i had a whole lot more to do, my mind was pretty distracted that i was gonna be real late for class and that i couldn't leave the experiment halfway and come back to work on them later.. as a result, while they were filming me i think i was pretty much frowning and stoned at the same time ahahahahaha... on top of that, because i was so distracted, i didn't realise that they were filming me in different takes, so i just continued streaking although they weren't filming.. by the time they started filming again, i had already finished streaking and was labeling the petri dishes.. and because the petri dishes were cold from the fridge, there was so much condensation that i couldn't label the plates properly and they filmed me trying desperately to wipe off the water from the plate and label.. i bet they are gonna cut off that part =X

In the end.. i couldn't finish my experiment on time and i was so late for class i decided to skip it so as not to alert my prof that i was late and get marked down for participating lol.. USP classes are seminar style so if someone suddenly appears, the lecturer would surely notice me haha.. AND.. mind you.. this is the FIRST TIME that i skipped class k? and i kinda feel uneasy cos this was the last class for the semester and it was kinda a pretty important class as they most prob would round up the whole module and perhaps even give tips on the final exam >.< sianz...

Nonetheless.. I'm gonna be on TV!! wohoo!! it will be the chinese documentary "qian2 xian4 zui1 zhong1" this friday 8.30pm on channel 8! ^_^ my scene is already so short.. i think even if i appear will also be less than a minute lol.. oh well..