Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy 3 year anniversary ^_^

It was all planned!! all planned~~~! yet i still got surprised =X 22nd Dec was my 3rd anniversary with my dear.. we got the stone, we knew it was coming.. yet i actually didn't see it coming....

we met up for lunch at a mysterious place.. asked him to plan that =p he had to force me to get out of the house and stand by the roadside b4 he would tell me where i should tell the cab to bring me lol.. it was a nice place.. sitting in a glass restaurant looking out to nature with beautiful orchids and other flowers, and with a beautiful magenta rose in my hand ^_^ YES! MY FIRST ROSE IN MY LIFE!! haha.. always didn't want flowers cos i think it's a waste of $$, he didn't need to give me flowers to make me love him.. but.. i'm still a girl la, receiving flowers on such an occasion, i guess was real romantic =)

my 1st rose~ this was taken on 23rd, so the petals already started to blossom hehe~

the food was really good~ all my fav! hehe.. starter was crab meat with salmon sashimi~ soup was wild mushroom~ main course was... LOBSTER!! =P and dessert was mango pudding with a blueberry, strawberry and an orchid petal haha.. the flower tastes really good!! seriously "hua chi~" hahaha..

my crabby starter~ XD

Our lobster~ yum!

we didn't take the pics of the rest of the dishes cos we kinda gobbled them down b4 realizing what we'd done =X hahaha... anw.. i kinda knew that i had a present coming.. searched high n low for it and found it hidden below the table hahaha.. sorry dear T_T exposed u!! XD i was so excited.. i wanted to open the present first b4 going down to the shop to collect the "stone".. it was a huge sliver box.. he wanted to take out the present for me but i said i wanted to open it myself.. so he plompped the box onto the table.. my guess was that it was a big fluffy soft toy haha.. i just opened it ever so slightly to peek into it at the top, half-expecting to see something furry.. i frowned at seeing an empty top and just took off the lid wholesale to look inside.. that was when i didn't know what overcame me and tears started welling up my eyes... i mean... it was just A PIECE OF PAPER!! but it meant so much to me.. and everything else together with it in that box just made it all so special..

my gift~

sorry.. i just took this pic a min ago.. so the flowers have already started to dry.. the figurine was just soooooooo sweet! the pink rose petals melts my heart.. and the scent he added in the box was simply irresistible~ (his perfume XD) the jewelery box was extremely pretty too~ ^_^ but i just loved that piece of paper =p

i was so blur.. and my eyes so wet that i didn't even know (or see) what that small black box was.. rofl... i thought we were supposed to go collect the stone together after lunch! >.< and he proposed.. darn!! all the tricks i had planned up my sleeve were washed away with the tears and i just gave him my hand =X so much for planning haha.. =p i was tearing so bad i wasn't even sure if anyone was looking =X

the rest of my day was.. .:~HEAVEN~:.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New life! good and bad~

I feel so blessed to be where I am right now!! My colleagues are real nice, my job scope is fantastic, my job location is.. erm.. sinful! lol.. think i'll end up shopping everyday once i settle down and have more time haha.. Really love my job~~ Lots of things to learn now, but happy to learn =p yesterday was real hectic, rushing everywhere to meet clients, but it was good exposure for me. and i'm real glad that my expertise in BMS can be put in use even though i'm in the food sector, thanks to the blur and convergence of these 2 industries in recent times ^_^ life is so exciting for me right now, i'm glad i started early so that I have more time to settle in.

called the police like 4 times yesterday.. 2-3 times a few days b4.. my neighbour downstairs has been a real nuisance.. for the past 2 months, they have been playing mahjong almost everyday 24hrs a day.. i may be speculating, but i'm pretty sure they opened an illegal gambling den.. who in the world can play mahjong everyday and don't sleep for leisure?? i think i'm very sway, cos it just so happens that I am the most affected. they stay on the 2nd floor while i stay on the third, they play in the middle room directly below mine such that the noise and smoke will only reach me but not their neighbours on both sides.. i'm still quite ok with the mahjong noise, but the smoke that they create is crazy! the PSI in my room can be about 500 i think.. danger zone with fog so high i can't see my table =X k la, exaggerating lol.. but i really can't take it!! force me to sleep in aircon every night T_T

after calling the police last night, they came down to talk to them.. on the surface, they said ok, they will stop, but they didn't.. in fact, they kinda tried to get back at me by playing even louder and smoke even more! so much more that my mum outside could smell it!! i tried calling the police again lar, but dunno whether they came down again to talk to them.. anyway, it didn't work.. up till now they r still playing.. 24hrs already =X now they play mahjong, smoke like mad, and now that it's in the day, they even play loud karaoke too... what nice neighbours..... bleh!!

their house is actually quite eerie too.. they are the only house that has all kinds of weird deco.. the front door hangs 2 big red lanterns and big red cloths.. like some kind of chinese cult.. my mum say she often see weird packages outside their door and suspects that they deal in voodoo... ewwwww.... i better be careful! >.<

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Graduation trip!

My graduation trip to Phuket, Thailand is the most memorable and amazing trip i've had ^_^ we were supposed to go on a 3 day 2 night tour from 4th to 6th Dec, but becos last min my meeting was canceled so I ended up not needing to rush back on friday. Our flight was delayed for like 2hrs when we went there, so our 1st day was kinda wasted. But Shamir helped us to extend our return flight to friday night so we had another whole day to roam!! haha.. so we came back on 7th night instead XD it was like a double honeymoon date for us haha.. everyone thought that we 2 couples were married hahahaha..

me and my darling~ ^_^

me, alvin, shamir, syahida at james bond island

on the first day, by the time we reached our hotel in phuket it was already around like 10+pm haha.. lucky for us, there was a tour agent just beside our hotel which gave really good rates and discounts compared to those offered by our hotel itself haha.. so we picked to go phi phi island on the next day!! we were all crazy about phi phi island as that was where "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed =p and also because of the well known Maya Bay which had really clear beautiful water ^_^ The full day tour brought us out to the different phi phi islands, phi phi don and phi phi lay by speed boats that were small enough to bring us to many different spots. We snorkeled at Loh Samah Bay, and visited the Khai island, Viking Cave, monkey beach and Phi leh cove filled with limestone cliffs. In the evening, we also walked around our hotel to shop around at Kata beach (which we though we walked to patong beach which was much further away haha)

on the third day, we went for the james bond tour which included sea canoe all around phang nga bay. we were taken by ferry to phang nga bay from Laem Sai pier and visited the bat cave on Panak island and the lagoons at Koh island. When we reached there, each couple were assigned a paddle man who paddled us on canoes to sightsee all the islands. The bat cave was amazing! all the bats were sleeping in the cave hanging upside down while we shone torches at them as it was pitch dark inside haha.. The lagoon was the most mesmerizing place i've ever laid my eyes on.. i suddenly felt like i was in the ancient chinese movies where everyone knew martial arts.. those cliffs looked like those on tv where the actors would fly here and there wahahaha... after that, we went to james bond island (aka Khao Tapu) where the movie "The man with the golden gun" was filmed to take pictures, went back on our boat for a sumptuous lunch and ferried to Lawa island where we had a nice nap on the beach~. we actually also had fun seeing many crabs which dug holes in the sand and spitted round sand particles around their nests hehe..

shamir and gf made friends with the driver who drove us to the pier from the hotel and managed to get him to bring us around on our way back from the tour and on our last day in phuket. He was really really nice and brought us to the best places to eat and shop!! gosh, I loved it!! after the james bond tour, the driver brought us to a cheap muslim restaurant to eat and to patong beach to shop around~ so kewl~ hehe..

On the last day with the guidance of the driver, we had a chance to go eat live seafood where we picked our own tiger prawns and grouper fish to eat out beside the beach! and they were really really REALLY delicious~~ yumm!!! Our driver also brought us to see the pearl factory where it was much cheaper than most shops, to the Cashew nut factory that was also much cheaper than outside, to the elephant and snake show tours, to their local shopping place which was frequented by locals (NOT TOURISTS!!) that sold cheap clothes and accessories and finally to his house where he introduced us to his family and cat hehe.. Got a chance to see how they live in their kampungs, making rubber to sell and growing their own fruit trees. We also got to see his villagers practising Muay Thai, or Thai boxing and see how they train. It was a tour that most people can never get to see with all the commercialized destinations. And after that he drove us to the airport where we finally had to bid farewell to this great holiday. I was sad it had to end, but really happy with the whole trip. ^_^