Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Niagara Falls

Went on a roadtrip to Niagara Falls on friday night after work. Drove 6hours there. on our way there, we had to pass by this highway (route 81) somewhere in mid new york state.. that place was extremely scary! the whole place is sooooooo foggy that u cannot see anything at all! u can only see like 1-2 meters of road in front of you while you drive. it's like silent hill! wow, was it exciting hahaha.. really felt like in the movies, and there were not much cars on the foggy highway too, which makes the place so much more errie.. we really had to drive very carefully there as the visibility was so bad, plus it was pitch dark cos we drove there through the night.

Anyway, niagara falls is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful and grand! there's the american falls and the gigantic horseshoe falls. the horseshoe falls is on the canada side, which we didn't go in the end sadly, but the roadtrip was still super cool! =D must go check out my photo album to see all the pics! but here are the videos i took of the waterfalls ^_^

Suicidal Buffalo Wings

For our dinner during our roadtrip to Niagara Falls, we went to this famous restaurant in the city of Buffalo introduced by our seniors to try their buffalo wings. Buffalo wings is a famous dish in the states. they have different levels of spiciness to choose from: mild, moderate, hot and suicidal. at first, we ordered a bucket of 50 mild and moderate wings to share. there were five of us: me, weijia, deliang, lawrence and adrian, so each of us had 10 wings to eat. then adrian wanted to try the suicidal wings so he went to order another dozen.. these are the videos of his process of eating these wings haha.. damn funny =p

pic of adrian before eating the wings

pic of adrian after eating the suicidal wings

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I love this..

i simple love this part the most for wed's finale of American Idol man! so cute la.. Michael is like such a avid fan of Clay.. then Clay Aiken just pops out and surprise him! And he didn't even realise why the fans are screaming so loudly cos he came out from the back.. this is sooooo adorable.. and Clay Aiken look like a pretty boy hee~

The Myth

ok.. i'm bored.. waiting for the day to end to go niagara falls! haha.. so slackin a bit and listening to my mp3 files.. then 1 of the songs was endless love from The Myth by Jackie Chan, which was a pretty good romantic show. went to You Tube to find the MTV, i found the chinese version (although i like the orginal jackie chan and korean version better), which happens to be a KTV version as well so got lyrics 1 hahahaha.. here it is!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

it's Taylor Hicks!

yay! taylor hicks won american idol!! ^_^ it's already expected anyway, especially when katherine's performance was so bad last night.. anyway, i feel kinda sad for katherine.. she really has a great voice, and she's pretty too! but.. a bad day means everything.

today's performance was great! i love all the songs and gigs. katherine was back in shape too! literally. she looks good in black pants. she sang very well tonight too. but the coolest part was when the clay aken impersonator meets the real clay aken.. wah~~~ it was just.. so kewl~ clay looks damn suarve compared to the impersonator who's an avid fan of clay haha.. the other guest singers were cool too! prince was good ^_^

ladies and gentelmen, i now present: taylor hicks..

for katherine:

last but not least,
thank you adrian for washing the dishes today so that i can watch american idol ^_^

on my way back home

while i was on my way back home today, i felt cool and hot at the same time. it's spring now, alomst summer, and the sun is up, but the air is still cool. the mix of cool air and hot late afternoon sun makes you really warm and cool at the same time. it's a unique experience.

while i was enjoying the nice american spring air and walking back to my apt along a long pathway, i saw this old man just unzipped his pants and started peeing right in front of me (he was about 20m away from me, but his front towards me).. oof! lucky i didn't scream.. i was pretty offended, but i guess the old man was crazy and i really shouldn't make a commotion.. i guess these kinda things are pretty normal here. so i veered as far away from him as possible and looked somewhere else. the old man in return didn't even bother about me and continued peeing, mumbling to himself. i got home safe and sound.

gee.. so this is the american experience? -.-"

Da Vinci Code

ok, i'm bored... got this from timothy haha.. very funny.. but lame lar.. got singlish and hokkien version. click here.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

dinner tonight~

today is the 1st day where we dun have anyone specified to cook cos since weijia is off to the west coast, there's only 5 of us in the house and cooking duties have been changed to weekdays only. since adrian is not home today (he went to angela's house to bake), we went to chinatown to buy seafood! hahahaha... bought lotsa prawns (which adrian can't eat cos he's allergic to them, although he can eat tempura cos he can't see the prawns so he's not allergic to it and he loves them)

this is our dinner, we all cooked except deliang who didnt. he washed the dishes instead =p

i cooked the chilli prawns (which deliang can't eat) and the vege (jiu cai hua in chinese, forgot what it's called in english), which is my favourite vege after spinach and brocolli ^_^
lawrence cooked the eggs while pacey steamed the fish.
yum yum~ i love seafood! =D

Chestnut family

this is the chestnut family gambling den~
this video was taken a long long time ago, when we just moved in to our chesnut house in january.
lol.. i was so engrossed in gambling that i didn't even know that pacey was filming us!! haha..

Travel and videos

Salem, Massachusetts
We took this video quite some time ago during our trip to boston. It was a great experience for all of us as this is the first time that we actually managed to see a full complete rainbow! what a experience of a lifetime! ^_^

too bad we didn't continue filming as a 2nd complete rainbow appeared parallel to it, so there were actually 2 complete rainbows! must be a welcome gift from the witches in Salem =p

Orlando, Florida
this next video i took during our first dinner in Florida after we alighted from the plane. this must be the most exciting dinner i had in my entire life. too bad i couldn't take the whole show =/
this is just a short scene of it, there were more exciting parts which i didn't take cos i was bz screaming and cheering to video it =p

Medieval Times-Dinner & Tournament part 1

Medieval Times-Dinner & Tournament part 2


adrian showed me this funny video the other day, but i only saw the 1st few secs cos it was so GAY~ lol..

anyway, today deliang sent me this video again and i'm kinda bored so i just watch lor.. damn funny haha..

enjoy! =p

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Ok, finally i learnt something.. asked adrian to teach me how to add all the stuffs at the sidebar so now i have a tag board and links to other webbies! ^_^

taking small steps right now, next time will make my blog cuter! bwahahahaha...

pic taken at a waterfall in bucks county

Pics and more pics!! =p

I bought a digi cam just before coming to the states, and i found out that me, weijia, steph, deliang and jaron all got the same cameras! haha.. *great minds think alike! ^_^
using these cameras as well as other cameras, we took many memorable photos.. they can be found here.

don't forget to read the captions! =p

Me and the other chestnutters! ^_^

I live with a bunch of cool people along Chestnut street in philadelphia and here they are:

that's weijia, me, deliang, adrian and lawrence
pacey is still missing from this group, he's our photographer ^_^

this is pacey! =D

1st post

after a disastrous idea of "fun" which totally turned my life upside down yesterday, i've learnt a lesson the hard way.. nothing on the internet is private and save.. (i know that already, but the mistake i made was to trust people.. have been accused of being gullible my whole life.. but i guess i am..) i also learnt that if i'm not sure, never dabble in them unless i'm really sure.. i've never been good at computer stuffs and that was the reason why i didn't want to start a blog in the 1st place.

anyway, i made this new blog.. this will be a public blog which i will share with my still beloved housemates and other friends. this blog will be filled with adventures that i have in beautiful america and the new home that i have here.

something i picked up from adrian's blog..
time to get crackin'!