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Sunday, March 30, 2008

S-POP gala & robber

Sounds like the 2 items in the title are linked but they are not actually haha.. Anyway just wanted to blog about these 2 events last week.

Last Thu (day b4 good friday) on my way back home back from work, I was walking back from the mrt station to my block. I didn't notice anything amiss along the way till I reached the void deck of my block. I noticed that there was this man following me behind who was about 50m away from me. So when I reached near the lift of my block I contemplated whether to take the stairs or take the lift. There were 2 other men near the lift. 1 man was in office suit waiting for the lift, most probably a resident in my block since he was sifting through his mail. The other man was just loitering there, with tattoos all over his arm..

Feeling a little scared to wait for lift with 2 "suspicious" men near, I decided to take the stairs since I had no confidence that the office guy would be able to handle 2 big men..

Sure enough, the man that was tailing me followed me up the stairs. Just when I went up one flight of stairs, the man tailing me reached the stairs too.. I turned back to look and saw that his eyes were fixed on me. I continued up the stairs and noticed that the man hastened his speed... I followed suit..

I made it such that I kept to his pace, keeping him at 1 flight of stairs distance from me.. The faster he went, the faster I went up as well... by the time I reached the 2nd and half floor, I was scared stiff and ran up the rest of the stairs to my house... He didn't follow me to my apartment, but I was very sure he most prob loitered near the stairs for a while as I couldn't hear his footsteps anymore.. (I could hear him climb up the stairs when I was going up myself, but couldn't hear it once I reached my floor)..

I was pretty sure that that guy had something up his sleeves for me.. He looked like a PRC odd job labourer.. If one ponders about it, would a friendly neighbour follow me up a flight of stairs with eyes fixated on me (obviously exposing intent to rob) and increasing pace to catch up with me? I bet he knew that he lost me when I reached my floor as it would definitely not be a good idea to rob me in the open where my neighbours could see..

It was really scary.. My fiance now tries to send me back home to my doorstep for my safety but I dun really want that everyday since it is really inconvenient for him.. I try to check my surrounding more thoroughly nowadays to make sure that there are no suspicious people near me when I'm on my way back.. >.<

S-POP gala.. Went for the show last Saturday.. Got the complementary tickets from my bro hehe.. Can't even remember when was the last time I went to the indoor stadium haha.. I actually had loads of work to do.. (actually I still have a lot of work piled up now rofl) but I felt that it was a concert that I should attend just to wind down a little.. listen to some local music =p

It was a good idea... they gave free goodie bags to all who attended hahahaha... ok I'm cheapo.. but it's a free full-sized bottle of shampoo and coffee packets :) I tried it.. it feels pretty good, but not too sure if it's really good for my hair.. nowadays getting influenced by all the organic/naturals hype.. dun really want cancer-causing chemicals in the products I use rofl.. oh well.. after I finish the free shampoo then I'll go get my organic shampoo lar haha.. buy those without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) products! ^_^