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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Graduation and trip to Sentosa

haha ok.. i'm like so flooded with work i haven't got the time to update my blog =X
anyway, i'm still overflooded with work.. but i'll upload some pics ^_^

family grad pic :)

grad pic with my USP advisor, Prof Peter Pang, Dir of USP! ^_^

There were 2 graduation/commencement/convocation ceremonies that I could attend.. I was with my home faculty, Science fac.. But in the end I went for the University Scholar's Programme, aka USP ceremony. Yes, it was the image thing haha... Feels good to grad as a scholar =X It was an evening ceremony so many of the pics are like in the night scene lol... These are the 2 better pics around =X

Romantic trip to Sentosa

Just took some leave to relax a little with my bf.. b4 I burn out.. (and yes.. work is piling up with every second I relax =X )

Took the glass bottom cable car to Sentosa.. Even though it's so much more ex than taking the bus or express tram, it was a nice experience.. no doubt romantic too =p

some cute worm fish at underwater world =p

my bf so cute... so fixated at getting a good shot with one hand he forgot to smile haha..

i took this pic! ^_^

i wonder if the crab wanted to eat my bf or the other way round =X

ok, alvin has conquered the saw tooth shark!! O_O

this is a pretty dark pic, but i thought that alvin's "cool" face was pretty goofy haha =X

pink dolphin in the air! =)