Once a chestnutter, always a chestnutter.. Back to good old days~ ^_^

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kawaii~~~ XD

imma cat..

and cats are cute wahahaha..

but i wun post this other cute clip though.... cos.... not good reputation for me =X
(*ahem.. i dun waste water like that XD)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


i don't really want to say this.. but singaporeans and whoever's living in singapore are getting really really terrible... sometimes i wonder if i should even pity the government.. they try so hard to tell people to be considerate.. but all of their efforts just prove that we cannot be taught when it involves "thinking for others". these couple of weeks that i've been back, i've been facing quite a lot of extremely rude behaviors..

on the mrt, although there are signs, announcements and even floor drawings to plead for people to let passengers alight first, NO ONE LISTENS!!! the floor drawings even HELPED these people choose their spot to stand: right in the center where the door opens. -.-" if you are first to stand at the side where you should, don't think that you can get in first too.. when the train approaches, these people push and squeeze and then push you behind and they stand IN FRONT OF YOU, letting you smell their smelly hair!!! i can't believe the extent of rudeness that these people can get man.. i'm so ashamed of being part of this country..

perhaps some would say that this is the ugly sight of the older generation, because majority of these rude people are the elderly; aunties and uncles.. sad to say, these people don't care about earning respect, they just don't behave well and still demand respect from others.. however, that's not my real point.. what i want to say is.. MY GENERATION IS NO BETTER!!! T_T

in NUS... (YES!!! UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, EDUCATED PEOPLE, SUCH A DISGRACE!!) undergrads are horrible too... whenever i take the internal shuttle buses, i feel so trapped and feel like my life's hanging on a thread whenever my destination stop is approaching.. the MOB OF STUDENTS SHOW NO MERCY... they don't let you off at the front, which i understand by right i shouldn't (but even if the bus is super crowded and it'll be almost impossible to squeeze to the back to alight).. AND... they don't even LET YOU DOWN AT THE BACK!!!! they just keep squeezing up and refuse to pause and let people who want to alight get down!!! geez... somebody teach these incorrigible brats some courtesy!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Haiz.. After being so proud shopping in the states, coming back to singapore's shopping had a totally new meaning for me: why in the world do you buy REAL branded goods? >.< everywhere i go, everyone is carrying either COACH or GUCCI bags... even aunties going to the market use gucci or prada bags!!! NOOOOO!!!! this is so wrong!!!! LOL... i was so shocked at first when i first saw a few people on the mrt carrying coach and gucci items, i was thinking to myself how come singaporeans became so willing to spend on such expensive stuffs.. (cos the people who were holding it were nicely dressed young women..) and i was fooled.. cos i just kept seeing more n more people carrying them!!! so i started staring closer... and i realised that they were fake!!!!! argh.. lol..

went to a few pasar malams to shop shop.. went specifically to those bags stores to check out the imitation products.. they were everywhere!!! the imitation actually were quite good.. you had to go up close to see that the metal and leather were of poor qualities! haha.. had a urge to grab a gucci pouch myself ahahahaha..

NAH... i'm carrying authentic stuffs now.. dun wanna spoil that =p and anyway, everyone carrying those imitations were using the bags of the same fabric.. my coach bag is a pure white leather bag... so mine's definitely easily seens as real mah!! cos no imitation products carry my style!! hehe~ yay!!! so not too bad still XD
but still.. quite hesistant to bring it out.. cos it has been raining so often nowadays!! cannot afford to get my precious bag wet!! oh well.. i'll bring it out shopping one day.. make sure i'm nicely under the shelter of my shopping paradise haa..

these few days i have been very very bad... i haven't touched a single bit of work!!! got addicted to a new serial.. INVASION.. my bf's sis had the whole series collection so me and him watched it for 3 days full!! haha.. couldn't tear my eyes off the tv!! i just finished the serial like an hour ago... but i HATE it!!!! i have come to a conclusion.. never watch an american serial again... cos it


yeah.. after watching the whole series... it just ended in the middle of nowhere.. next season............... duh.. -.-" spent so much time on it and i couldn't satisfy my hunger for the whole story >.< argh.. oh well...

now it's time to die.. i haven't even started on my biz case analysis for my NOC.. and i haven't even thought of what to write.. haha.. i gonna "bao" the F grade for the bell curve grading manz hahaha.. >.<

ok.. now to start work....

hey, it's late.. time to get my 12 hr beauty sleep first... =X

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NUS life~

just to start.. PGP SUCKS! argh.. there was a blackout yesterday night, TWICE... my laptop and all were just on ac power, no battery inside so shutted down during the blackout, and so did my printer.. lucky my IBM laptop power, didn't die.. but i think it suffered some damages, going a little crazy.. the moment the power came back after the first blackout, i switched on my laptop and about 10secs later, boom! 2nd blackout!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... zzz...

my poor poor printer.. he died.. boo hoo hoo!!! i wan PGP to compensate my losses!!! i just bought $100 worth of printer cartridges!! now how???? >.< had my bf to help me print with his laser printer.. but i wan my lecture notes in COLOUR~~~ haha...

last night we also went to wayne's "apt" to celebrate his "25th" birthday hahaha.. was kinda a surprise for him =p had such a great time toking cock with the rest of the people.. especially jeffrey with his endless true stories hahaha.. we talked until 2plus am lah.. went back hall at 3am lor! haha.. lucky today classes started at 2pm! =p

now that i'm back in NUS, things are a little different for me.. now i try to cook my own dinner hahaha... yesterday i tried cooking bak kut teh.. feels so different cooking for 1!!! i'm so used to using the whole large family pack of pork ribs and beef!!! ahahahaha... oh well..

today was even better~! my sweet darling cooked cold soba for me!!! yum yum yum~!
cold soba with seaweed~ yum yum~~

soup!! ^_^

the cute chef~

yum yum~ had a great dinner! ^_^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to my tiny world~

At the beginning of the year 2007, I organised a gathering with my chestnutties housemates to celebrate our 1 year anniversary: 6th Jan, the day we arrived in Philadelphia, USA and embarked on a 1 year journey together just last year for NOC. The people who turned up were the usual gang of close chestnutties pals: Weijia, Adrian, Pacey and Law. My darling Alvin went with me too! ^_^ It was a new kind of roadtrip: a SG food hunt! =p Our anniversary also turned up to be Law's birthday, so weijia bought a cake to celebrate with him as well hehe..

Our first stop was at Bukit Timah Market
singing bdae song to lawly pop

I wonder wad law is wishing for his bdae lol..

Buying carrot cake from the famous store!! ^_^

After our brunch, we headed to Venezia at 6th Ave for some fat-free gelato! Our famous hangouts!! (for those from HCJC and NJC! =p) We enjoyed the yummy ice-cream and spent some great time talking cock haha..

Next stop at Venezia, 6th Ave.

Still later, we went to Adrian's house to play bridge as well as "deal or no deal" haha.. had some fun poking fun of each other lol... Dinner we had some delicious claypot rice and otah, yummy!! ^_^

sexiest man alive with top model hehe~

dear u eating otah or me? o.O


Back to school, back to my old life, but with a new twist! :D I have been seeing so many familiar faces since I came back, so many "I haven't seen you for so long!!" exclaimation from all my friends haha.. but there are also so many missing faces too! only about 40% of my cohort went on to honours year, quite a large group, but nevertheless, much less people around nowadays.. Met a few in school only to find out that they had already graduated >.<

But i guess the most interesting thing that happened these few days were the number of coincidences that i've gotten!! first of all, i had only planned to take my remaining modules with weijia, but due to NUS's inefficiency, weijia couldn't get the modules that we had originally discussed to take together T_T but instead, i ended up taking the same modules as Phebe and Shamir!! haha.. now we're taking all our classes together!! :D

while i was talking to weijia during the gathering, i found out that my honour's professor is actually weijia's family friend!! ooooo.. her dad and my prof were JC friends! hahaha.. small world.. and when i went to lab, i found out that Ziliang (the guy who passed weijia his phone for her to use when he left) was working in the same lab as me under the same prof!!! wahahahahahaha.... i can't believe it!! =p

but i guess the most unbelievably amazing thing was when i bumped into peiling 1 day... at PGP... Peiling is my NOC senior buddy, and now.. she is my NEIGHBOUR! hehehe~~ PGP so big got so many blocks, but not only were we on the same block, we're also staying on the same level a couple of doors away!!! haha.. now i got someone to go ba1 gua4 with when i'm bored hehe XD

Now that school has started, it has really been a crazily busy time for me.. FYP is really crazy, I've been running to and fro the lab everyday! >.< spending so much traveling time when all i'm doing is circling this tiny NUS haha.. but the interesting part about dinner is that everyday when i enter the canteen, the juniors would walk up to me and say: "can join pageant please? you're very pretty!!" ROFL!!! mebbe it was the great weather in Philly plus my happiness as I'm blessed to spend my time with my chestnutties last year, and now to be back by my darling's side ^_^

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 New Year Celebration

Spent my new year eve with my darling hee~ he planned the day according to his good old days with his buddies, but kept it a surprise for me.. and i overdressed for the occasion so had to make changes >.<

had chicken rice at far east plaza.. yum! :D
supposed to go play pool but wrong dressing so went to watch movie instead haha.. watched blood diamond, pretty good show.. but made my bf rethink about the diamond he's supposed to buy me for our wedding T_T
went shopping around, bought a cute tank top and tried on expensive accessories at Gucci in DFS bldg.

Gucci sandals, so pretty!! (S$850, on sale)

Gucci sunglasses, Chic! (S$620)

Coach bag in SG: S$1k+
Look on my face: Priceless.. XD

my darling spent a day in my perspective..

my tiny eyes..

I'll join you!! XD *squint*

Hey wait.. I can't see a thing.. =X

-.-" oh well..

so where did we go next? i dunno!! >.< darling kidnapping me!! dowan tell me! >.<

and my bf yails: wo3 shi4 qing1 bai2 de!!

green sugar cane (qing), white barley drink (bai)

and so he pleas for innocence :p
off to dinner at Bedok Food center! :D

Hor fun!!! mmmmm..

Fried carrot cake!! yum yum!

Sambal Stingray! muahahaha~

Super fantastic dinner.. Thanks dear! Muacks!! ^_^ *gives you your innocence back =p*

was then supposed to go east coast for romantic countdown haha.. but wrong dressing T_T

*swept off to Vivo city for countdown instead haha.. and i met a couple of friends and darling too met his jc classmates hee~ :)

An awesome finale to end my beautiful year in 2006 and welcome the new year in 2007 ^_^

Back to good old days~

I'm back in Singapore.. It feels weird.. Everything seems so perfectly same and familiar yet it all seems so new to me at the same time. I feel like I had never left Singapore.. The aunties chit chattering on the streets, the young punks talking singlish on the mrt (and nowadays with very hip clothings n hairstyles tsk tsk..). And the year in America seems just like a beautiful dream.. But all in all, it feels great to be home again. I didn't think that i would be one who would be homesick, but i am.. i miss everyone.. family, boyfriend, friends, relatives, singapore..

hmm.. so sentimental lol.. okok.. i miss FOOD!! haha.. i've been eyeing all the local delights for so long! and i'm blessed to have my boyfriend who had brought me around this tiny city state these couple of days to eat all the incredible food, and shoppings in between hee~ everyone thinks i'm weird.. singaporean taking pictures of normal dishes.. haha.. can't help it.. i miss all the yummy delicious food haa~

ok, let's start with food delights with my family ^_^

DURIAN~ mmmmmmmmm....

my bro brought me and my mum to jalan kayu to eat their famous roti prata and soup kumbeng (mutton soup) immediately after alighting the flight for supper. my beloved mum then brought me to crystal jade to eat the same day for lunch.. had dim sum and other nice roast pork etc dishes! then for dinner, we went to chua chu kang to eat the famous five spice bee hoon (wu3 xiang1 mee2 fen3) yum yum!! then my mum so wanted to buy me durain to eat (she knows it's my favourite fruit haha), and she saw it! a durian store just beside the kopitiam where we were eating the bee hoon haha.. my mum's experience with dealing with the seller got us the best durians he had! yay yay!! =D

home cooked fried bee hoon~

my mum's fried bee hoon is so good it makes me wanna cry.. it's really the best bee hoon u can get in the world.. seriously..

home cooked fried beancurd~

nothing really special, but i love it hee~ it's only home that i can get all the soy milk, yoghurt drinks, yakult, xiao mai cao drinks and wide variety of fruit juices i love.. only drank orange juice in the states haha..

ok, moving on to the great food i had with my darling =p

steamboat bak chor mee!! wohoo~~

kinda kewl.. a delicious bak chor mee with steamboat.. yum yum!! had laksa and char kway tiao with dear too hee~

hot plate beancurd~

black pepper crab! ooooooo~

the crab is simply so delicious! it was extremely fresh. we could choose the crab we wanted and the meat was just so succulent~ mmmmmmm... pic not clear cos tok with hp cam haha..

i had a fantastic time back home these couple of days. thanks everyone =)